How to Factory Reset Toshiba Laptop Without Disc

If a virus has blown your Toshiba laptop or its hard drive is almost full, you can restore it to factory settings to bring it to the out-of-box state. Resetting a Toshiba laptop is easy as it has a recovery partition hidden in the hard drive, and hence doesn’t need a recovery disc. In fact no Toshiba model (since mid-2007) comes with a recovery disc to restore the factory settings. Check the steps given below and factory reset your Toshiba device without disc.

Step 1: Backup Data

Backup whatever is important to you. It depends entirely on you how much data you want to carry back to your factory reset laptop. You can choose to back up your data to a cloud server using a cloud data backup and restore solution or to a hard drive as desired.

Step 2: Power off Toshiba laptop

Power off your Toshiba laptop and remove attached peripherals, be it a router, wireless printer, or USB drive etc. When you have removed all peripherals, press & hold down the “0” (zero) key on the keyboard and simultaneously press the Power button. When you hear a beep, release the 0 button.
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Step 3: Windows boots now

Let Windows boot up. You will see a “Windows is loading files” prompt on the screen. Wait while Windows loads and displays a warning message. Click “Yes” to proceed. On the next screen, select “Recovery of Factory Default Software” and click “Next”. On the next screen, click to select “Recover to out-of-box” again then click “Next”. Click “Next” again to start recovering the factory defaults. Follow rest of the on-screen instructions and complete the recovery.

Step 4: Plug the AC Adapter in

The factory restore may take a good amount of time depending on how much data you have on your computer. So, plug in your AC adapter into the power source and let the battery of your Toshiba be charged. When done,

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