How to Fix “Invalid Product Key” Error in Microsoft Office

Every Microsoft product requires a product key to be installed and used on a computer for personal or office purposes. Likewise, the Microsoft Office, which is a suite of office productivity programs requires to key to install and activate office productivity programs like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Access Point, PowerPoint etc. However, when you begin to install and activate the Microsoft Office suite, you may encounter “invalid product key” error. This error may occur due to miscellaneous reasons including typing mistakes, typing of a wrong key, and presence of a previous trial/full Office version among other things. Nevertheless, you may check the below mentioned step-by-step procedure to resolve this error and then use the Microsoft Office suite without any hitch.
invalid product key error in Microsoft office

Step 1: Uninstall any previous Office version

It has been observed that in most of the cases previously installed Office version (trial/full) conflicts with the version you are trying to install, preventing the key from being recognized as valid and process the installation. Close all the existing windows and go to Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs (or Programs and Features if it’s Windows 7). Look for a previous Office edition and uninstall it. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the removal. When done, start to reinstall your new Office version.

Step 2: Check that you have a valid product key

Often users mistake the product key with a different alpha-numeric number sent to them with different media. Make sure that you are using the correct product key for your Office suite. If you got your Office suite from a retail store, check the retail Office media (on a sticker on the CD or on its case, check the Office box also) for the product key. If you purchased the Office suite online and didn’t opt for an installation media, check your email for the product key.

For Volume Licensing edition, you will need to first register on the Volume Licensing Service Center website using the email and password emailed to you by it. Once you register with the Volume Licensing Service Center website, you will get a welcome email along with your VL MAK key. Once you have obtained the product key for retail, online, or Volume Licensing Office version, key in the product key and finish the installation.

Step 3: Disable your Antivirus

It has been observed that the presence of an antivirus program conflicts during the installation of Microsoft Office and other miscellaneous products. To avoid facing “invalid product key” or other miscellaneous errors, disable your antivirus program and re-enable it only after the installation of Office suite has been completed.

Step 4: Make sure that you are entering a correct key

Typos are the worst mistakes when entering a product key to install the Office suite. Make sure that the Caps lock of your keyboard is not on. Since the product key is not case sensitive, you need not worry about turning on the Caps lock key. Besides, make sure that you are typing a correct key sequence with all the letters and numbers typed in correctly.

Step 5: Contact Microsoft

Contact Microsoft help and give your product key to the representative to confirm whether it’s a valid key. If it’s a valid product key, Microsoft support may give out information on how and where to enter it to activate your Office application. If the product key turns out to be invalid, then also Microsoft support will guide you about “what to do next”.
microsoft outlook support
Should you face any problems after the installation of your Microsoft Office version, call us on 1-877-907-4935 and get an expert to help you.


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