How to Use OneNote

OneNote is a digital notebook (substitute for a real notebook) designed to take notes, scribble ideas, save drafts, delete undesirable text, sync, and search for other miscellaneous information. OneNote is just not a notebook, it in fact lets users share their documents with their colleagues, access others’ documents from a Team Site Document Library, and make changes to the shared documents during an online meeting, audio/video conversation, or instant messaging (IM). With OneNote, your information stays with you always without skipping a note. Check here what you can use OneNote for.

Step 1: Create/Edit a Notebook


Open OneNote from Microsoft Office suite and start a new note if you don’t have existing ones. Click the File tab> New> choose one from Page, Section, Subsection etc. Type the desired text, save it and if you want to beautify it, add pictures, diagrams, graphs, files, fonts etc. as desired. You can view notes in an Editing View or Reading View mode. To enable the Editing View mode, click the File tab> click Editing View. To enable Reading View mode, click File> click Reading View. If you are reading shared OneNote documents, you can also view its authors or people who have contributed to it. Click the File tab> click Show Authors and that’s it. Create as many notes as want and edit them whenever needed. All the changes will be automatically synched.

Share OneNote Document/Notebook

Open an OneNote document or Notebook which you want to share with other users and then click the File tab> Share> Network. Under where it says Network Location, type URL of the Team Site Document Library to which you want to share this Notebook to and then click “Share Notebook”. If prompted, sign in with your Office 365 login details. When the notebook has been shared, you may see dialog box prompting you to E-mail a Link or simply turn down the request by click “No, Thanks”.  Choose your option and proceed.

Step 2: Access Shared OneNote Document/Notebook

Open the Office 365 Document Library shared by your office team and locate the OneNote document or Notebook. Now right click the document or simply hover your mouse to the right of it unless a drop-down menu appear and then click “Edit in Microsoft OneNote”. You can choose to view/edit in browser also if OneNote is not installed on your computer. When prompted, sign in with your Office 365 username and password. Once signed in, the OneNote document will open up. You can now edit the document and save changes to be viewed and shared by others.

Step 3: Use OneNote with Lync

Office 365 users using OneNote and Lync can now take notes and share them with colleagues working in different locations during a Lync meeting or a conversation via Instant Messaging or audio/video chat. To use OneNote with Lync, you will need to first setup a Lync meeting from Lync Web Scheduler interface. Open up Lync and sign in with your login details. On the Lync Web Scheduler interface, click the “Create New Meeting” option> enter the subject text> add meeting location if desired> and type a message (short) to describe the meeting agenda (this is optional). Add a Start, End date and Time Zone in the required details and adjust access permissions if required for people joining the meeting. Now add participants’ names and email addresses (separated by semicolon) in the Participants and Audio box. If desired, check the box next to Turn on entry and exit announcements for this meeting and then click Save. Before clicking Save, click the Meeting Notes option and select an option from these two; “Share notes with the meeting” and “Take notes on your own”. Meeting participants can also take notes during a Lync meeting by pausing the current conversation> clicking OneNote> clicking either My Notes to take notes> or clicking Shared Notes to take/edit shared notes during the meeting.

You can also setup a Lync meeting from Outlook 2013 and take notes or share shared notes using OneNote during the meeting.

Step 4: OneNote Web App

While it is impossible to stay hooked on to your computer, the possibility for taking notes during odd or even times doesn’t go away. So if you are away from your computer, you can use OneNote Web App either from a web browser or your Windows phone, iOS or Android device. It is as easy as Googling for your favorite songs. What’s just required that the OneNote Web App should be installed on your Windows phone or iOS/Android device and that’s it, you can then draw, save, type, click, search, delete, and do a lot of things without missing a single thing.

Step: In Sync

Whatever you do, whatever notes you take or whatever changes you make to your or shared OneNote docs, everything stays in sync across all your devices including PC, Mac, Windows phone, iOS or Android phone, or other devices. You simply need to sign on with your login details and find your notes at your device you left in office during a meeting. OneNote lets you stay in sync without skipping a note.
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