How to Customize/Use Microsoft Outlook 2013

A new email experience is waiting for you with Microsoft Outlook 2013, which is a part of Microsoft Office 2013 and is also the latest version of Outlook 2010.  The brand new Outlook 2013 appears to be totally different from its predecessors in terms of look, feel, utility, navigation, and features including SkyDrive integration and much more. While you may already start using the Office 2013 (beta) or Office 365 for personal & professional purposes, you might have had little questions about using or customizing Outlook 2013 for communication purpose. I must say Outlook 2013 is designed for people like us who believe in neat and clean experience.
use Microsoft outlook 2013
Step 1: Change Theme

Open Outlook 2013, click the File tab> Options> click drop-down menu beside “Office Theme” and select a theme from White, Light Gray, or Dark Gray. Click OK to save the selected theme and exit the window. Restart Outlook to let the changes take place.

Step 2: Add an Email Signature to Emails

Click the File tab> Options> and Mail. Click “Signatures” under Compose messages and click the New button under the E-mail Signature tab. Put your new signature in the Edit signature box. If you want to beautify your signatures, format it using fonts and other formatting tools

Step 3: Assign Rules to Manage Emails

Click the Home tab> Mail> Move> Rules. Now begin to set up rules to delete junk emails, check important emails, keep spam away and keep your Inbox clean and organized.

Step 4: Setup Out-of-Office Reminder

When you are away from your home or office and want to enjoy to the fullest without being disturbed but at the same time want to keep people in the know that you are away, there is a way out. You can set up out-of-office replies to keep senders in the know. To do so, click the File tab> click Automatic Replies under Account Information> Send automatic replies. Type your text and format it if required and save changes.

Step 5: Share a Calendar

Click Calendar at the bottom of the screen to turn on the calendar view and click E-mail Calendar> Share Calendar> Publish Online. Select the contacts with whom you want to share your calendar and save changes.
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Step 6: View Only Unread Messages

Sometimes you forget to read all messages due to shortage of time and this leaves a heap of unread messages in your Inbox or junk which may be of importance. Here you can choose to read only the unread messages without going through the stream of messages. Click the folder like Inbox or Junk or whichever has unread messages and then click Unread at the top of the bar. This will list up all the unread messages which you can read and organize according to your needs.

Step 7: Create a Search Folder

Searching for that important email has never been this easy. You can now create a predefined or custom search folder and specify search criteria to quickly search for specific emails when needed. To create a predefined search folder, click the File tab, click Options> Mail> Folder> click New Search Folder under New. Now select a Search Folder, which needs to be added, from the list of Select a Search Folder and specify the search criteria if prompted.

To create a custom search folder, click File tab, Options> Mail> Folder> click New Search Folder under New> select Create a custom Search Folder, which needs to be added, from the list of Select a Search Folder. Click Choose given under “Customize Search Folder” and type a name for your folder. Specify the search criteria and then save changes. Click OK to save changes and exit each dialog box.
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