How to Fix “Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 Encountered an Error during Setup”

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 is an enterprise office suite (currently in beta version) designed to offer better productivity and mobility for businesses. While installing Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013, errors may crop up due to miscellaneous reasons. “Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 Encountered an Error during Setup” is one of such error messages which may occur due to insufficient minimum system requirements, presence of the previous Office edition, outdated applications and device driver software, corrupt registry, and antivirus software among other reasons. This error is usually followed by another error namely “Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working”.

To help fix the error and smooth out the installation of Office 2013 Preview, we have compiled a list of some workarounds. Check them below.

Step 1

Before you install Office 2013, make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the installation. Failing to which, such an error or a different one may occur causing problems. Disable your antivirus program before you run the setup.exe file. Also run the setup file with administrator rights. Otherwise, you may face errors during the installation procedure. To run the setup file with admin right, right click it and select Run as administrator.

Step 2

Before you install Office 2013, uninstall the previous Office version running on your computer. Though the Office 2013 version automatically replaces the previous edition but such an error may crop up during installation. Thus it is recommended that you uninstall the previous edition completely before you install Office 2013.


Step 3

Enable Task Scheduler services and the problem should be fixed. From the Start button, navigate to Control Panel> System and Maintenance> Administrative Tools> right click Task Scheduler and select Start. Confirm the changes and restart your computer if prompted.

Step 4

Make sure that you are running the latest updates related to all the programs and devices on your computer. If you haven’t downloaded updates yet, download them from Windows Update service. For third-party applications and devices, you can visit their individual website and download updates from there. For example you are using a Netgear router and you want to download the latest driver software for the same, you will visit the Netgear website to do so.

Step 5

Open Registry Editor from the Run window. Press Windows + R keys together to bring up the Run window. Type “regedit.exe” in the Open box and click OK. If prompted by UAC, type your admin password and continue. On Registry Editor window, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft> Windows NT> CurrentVersion> AppCompatFlags. Back up this key (AppCompatFlags) and then delete it. Do not delete it without backing up. Now run the Office 2013 installation file again and no such error should occur thereafter.

Should you continue facing problems during or post the installation of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013, call us at +1-877-907-4935 and get an expert to help you.


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