How to Solve 0x80040201 in Microsoft Outlook

It happens that when you try to send/receive emails in Microsoft Outlook, you experience the 0x80040201 error. The error can occur due to lots of reasons with the inactive/disrupted Internet connection, incorrect Outlook settings, and virus infections being a few of them. The best thing about this error is that it is easily fixable. You can follow the below mentioned workarounds and get it fixed easily.

Check the steps below and perform one at a time. If the problem is not fixed, then only move on to the next step.

Step 1

Make sure that you have an active Internet connection. Open your browser and try to browse any website like Google,, or etc. If the page doesn’t load up, it indicates a problem with the Internet connection. Click your Internet connection icon and make sure that it shows connected. If you still face problems with the Internet, troubleshoot the connection. If you need help, contact your ISP (Internet service provider). When connected to the Internet, send yourself a test email to make sure that you are able to send and receive.

Step 2

Use a previous restore point to restore your earlier good configurations. This will help undo any changes or updates and restore your previous email settings when Outlook was working fine and was able to send/receive emails. If there is a critical security update which was uninstalled while restoring the earlier restore point, install it again manually from the publisher’s website. If the Outlook error continues to appear, undo the restore point and move onto the next step.

Step 3

Check your email settings and make sure that these are correct. It’s possible that the Outlook settings got changed while installing updates or due to a conflicting program among other things. To verify your email profile settings, opMicrosoft -Outlook -Error-0x80040201en Outlook> click the Tools tab> Account Settings. On Account Settings window, double click your email profile (account name) under the E-mail tab. click the More Settings button and verify all the settings. Correct the settings if they are wrong and save changes. Close and reopen Microsoft Outlook and send yourself a test email to make sure that you are able to send/receive. This navigation is meant for Outlook 2007. Other Outlook versions viz. 2010 and 2003 etc. will more or less have the same navigation options.

Step 4

Start Microsoft Outlook in safe mode and send/receive emails. In safe mode, Outlook starts without any add-ins, toolbar customizations, preview pane, and other customized settings. If Outlook in safe mode functions properly, it indicates a problem with a third-party add-in or a damaged email profile. You can either create a new Outlook profile or disable add-ins one by one to check whether the error goes away or not.  You will have to disable one add-in at a time and then check if Outlook works or not. Uninstall the add-in after disabling of which Outlook works fine.

Close Outlook if it is opened. Press the Windows + R key combination on the keyboard. This will bring up the Run utility. Type “outlook.exe /safe” in the Open box and click OK. This will restart Outlook in safe mode. Do a self-test mail and check if it goes through fine or not. If it does, apply one of above mentioned methods (creating a new profile or uninstalling add-in(s)).

Step 5

Run a full virus scan on your computer. There is a possibility that your Outlook has spam/phishing emails which are blocking emails from going through. Let the scan complete and delete the suspicious, infected items. Before you run the scan, make sure that Outlook is closed. Before running the scan, you can also manually delete all the suspicious emails from your Inbox, Junk etc. folders.

Step 6

Repair Outlook PST file which may have become oversized due to continuous flow of incoming/outgoing emails. The oversized PST file often results in Outlook errors, with 0x80040201 being one of them. Run the Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) and repair the PST file. Search for the tool using Windows Search utility and run it. The tool is usually located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\. If you can’t find it, use Windows Search. Back up and save your PST file before you run the tool.
microsoft outlook support
Step 7

Back up your emails and documents and remove the old email profile. Create a new Outlook profile with correct settings. Should you continue facing the 0x80040201 error, get an Outlook technical support to help you.


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