How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Windows Live Mail in Windows 7

Microsoft Windows Live Mail, which is the latest email client version of Microsoft Outlook often runs into problems due to miscellaneous reasons including outdated security definitions, corrupt file(s), corrupt registry, third-party add-ins, and Windows updates among others. Freeze ups, crashing, error messages, and email deletion are among other problems that Windows Live Mail encounters, making it difficult for users to access & send/receive emails, create Calendar entries, and make online conversations etc.

Though the email client has built-in repair capabilities but they often bear no success. Don’t worry as we brought you here some detailed tricks, which can help you easily fix Windows Live Mail problems in your Windows 7 computer. It’s recommended that you perform the below mentioned steps one by one. If a method fails, then only move onto the next one.

Step 1

Update your antivirus/firewall software with the latest security definitions and alerts. Also if you are running an older version of your antivirus/firewall, uninstall it and install the latest version. This will fix freezing problems and errs in WLM.

Step 2

Click the Start button> navigate to My Computer (Computer if it’s Windows 7)> C:\> Program Files (x86)> Windows Live> Installer> wlarp.exe. Double-click the wlarp.exe file and the Windows Live screen opens up. Click the Repair button and then click Continue. Wait while the file is being repaired. When done, reboot your computer and open up Windows Live Mail. Send yourself a test email to make sure that you can send/receive emails. Any freeze-ups or problems should be fixed now.

Step 3

Disable any third-party add-ins (mainly recently installed or updated) and then check back whether WLM works or not. It should work alright then. Uninstall any troubling add-in. If you really want to keep a particular add-in, make sure that you install its latest version.

Step 4

Back up all your email data and uninstall Windows Live Mail from the Live Essentials. Click Start> type “programs and features” in Start Search bar> right-click Programs and Features> select Run as administrator. Under Programs and Features, click Uninstall a program. In the next window, look for Windows Live Essentials> select it and then click Uninstall. Follow the on-screen instructions and finish the uninstallation.

When done, reinstall Windows Live Mail from the Microsoft website. When done, open Windows Live Mail> click the File tab> click import and then import all your email data. Follow the on-screen instructions to restore all your emails and other data.
online technical support
Step 5

Disable the UAC (User Account Control) feature and WLM should work fine. If disabling UAC doesn’t work, back up your data and run a registry cleaner to clean up the empty, damaged registry keys. If the registry cleanup doesn’t do the trick, restore the registry backup and move on to the next step.

Step 6

Download the latest Windows updates. This should fix any update-related problems in WLM. If it doesn’t work, restore your computer to a previous restore point when WLM had no problems. Should you continue facing problems with WLM, get a Microsoft technical support to help you fix them.


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