How to Enable and Disable McAfee Firewall

McAfee antivirus integrates a built-in firewall which lets users protect their computers from compromised incoming/outgoing web traffic, which can take advantage of information stored on to them and from hackers also who remain on the lookout for a security loophole to be able to break into them and steal whatever they can. The McAfee firewall also helps put a block to bandwidth thefts and various other security problems, which pose a threat to users’ personal and professional collection of images, songs/videos, documents, emails, and contacts etc.

Despite that the McAfee firewall is highly useful in keeping a watch at the incoming & outgoing web traffic, it sometimes creates problems with other applications and programs onto your computer owing to which it may become necessary for you to disable it. The good thing about McAfee firewall is that you can easily enable and disable it as per your security requirements. Below are given some steps which will help you enable or disable the McAfee firewall in your McAfee antivirus program.

Step 1

Click M, the McAfee antivirus icon in your system tray. If you are using Windows 7 and you don’t see the McAfee icon, click the triangle () to make several system tray options show up. Click the McAfee icon to open up the McAfee Security Center console.

Enable and Disable McAfee Firewall

Step 2

On the console screen, you can see status of different security options viz. Real-Time Scanning, Updates, Firewall, and Subscription etc. Check the Firewall status to see if this is enable or disabled. If it says Firewall Off, then it is disabled and you will need to enable it so as to protect your computer from the compromised web traffic.

Step 3

Click the Firewall Off option> click Settings in the right hand side. The Firewall: Off screen comes up showing the current status. Click the Turn on button> click Done to enable firewall and save changes. If you want to see whether the McAfee firewall is turned on or not, click the Home button at the top right hand corner of the console window and you can now see status of the firewall service.

Step 4

Disabling firewall (Oh no!) is not a good option, especially when you want to keep your computer protected from those virus-spewing web pages, add-ons, free antivirus software, and tray clocks etc. However, if you have another stand-alone firewall program like Windows firewall or an application that has conflicts with your McAfee firewall then you may want to disable it to keep your computer working properly. In that scenario, you can disable McAfee firewall and prevent all the resulting errors and problems due to its presence.
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Step 5

Click the M icon in the system tray> click Firewall on> click Settings. On the Firewall: On screen, click the Turn Off button and select an option to resume the McAfee firewall service. If you want to permanently disable McAfee firewall, select Never and then click Turn Off to save changes. McAfee firewall is disabled now and you can see it on the Home menu. You can re-enable the firewall service whenever you want to by following the same procedure. Depending on your McAfee version, the navigation for accessing firewall may differ slightly.


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