Reasons Why Should You Upgrade to Windows 8

So far more than enough has been said about Windows 8, which is considered as the technology elf by many users who still haven’t given it a try on their machines. Well, not to worry, we can give you enough reasons that can propel you to upgrade to Windows 8 and experience the irresistible change. Despite being given all the reasons, it entirely depends on you whether to upgrade or not to Windows 8. So far, you might have also read about those highly vocal, autopsy-like opinions in various Windows 8 articles, which vigorously criticize and yet favor the cult operating system for its new features. Let’ take a look into the funny (in my opinion) yet important reasons, which may help you fall in love with Windows 8.

Reasons for Windows 8 upgrade:

Reason 1

Because the attractive, very economical Windows 8 upgrade offer(s) is still open and valid. If you have a Windows 7 PC, bought between June 2, 2012 and January 2013, you are eligible for a very attractive, low-priced Windows 8 Pro upgrade offer at just $14.99. The offer also includes absolutely free Microsoft technical support for complete 90 days. Those who already purchased their Windows 7 machines before June 2, 2012 or will purchase after January 31, 2013 can register at website and the selected promotion offer will be mailed by Microsoft to your valid email ID with purchase instructions.

This offer is valid for the US region only. The promotional offers will differ as per countries. You should check out the Microsoft website and explore all the offer details. You may be required to register at website to know about any ongoing promotional offers.

Reason 2

If you believe in instantly keeping updated with emails, if you just can’t live without daily dose of news, Facebook, Twitter etc. among other social networking updates, Windows 8 is meant for you. It has a smart Home screen (user interface) which keeps you updated with emails, social networking updates, news, apps and several other things. Besides, you can print documents, capture images, shoot videos, share, listen to music, download, change computer settings, pin your favorite programs for one-touch access to the Home Screen and do other miscellaneous things. The Home screen works just like your Smartphone’s screen which gives you one-touch access to your world. If you have a touch-based computer, you can simply “Touch, Swipe, Zoom, and Go”. It is as simple as that.

windows 8 upgrade

Besides if you have multiple devices (Windows 8-based), you can sign in to all of them using a single Microsoft account. This will save you a great deal of time and from hassles of signing into each device at a time. This will also automatically synchronize your settings and files across those devices without your manual interference. The built-in free SkyDrive (a cloud storage service) integration will do the job. SkyDrive offers 7GB of free storage along with a Windows 8 app which syncs all your settings. Thus you can easily switch between your devices without skipping anything.

Reason 3

The Start button is gone and is never going to come back at least not until the recent future. If you are thinking what’s so good about the missing Start button, then let me tell you that this is the only way to experience the change. The user interface and Desktop are different now. Desktop doesn’t have the customary Start button and gives the neater, smarter experience. There is more space on the Desktop now and it only takes a mouse-click or your finger-touch to make things show up. With this smart Desktop, you get a nice, spacious feeling and not a cluttered one like in previous versions (Windows 7 is still better though). Things remain hidden on Desktop unless you make them appear. You can even use keyboard shortcuts to instantly open, close, and do miscellaneous things on Desktop.

Then there is a Charms bar also which remains hidden unless you hover your mouse around. The bar has a quick menu which includes the Start button, Share, Search, Settings, and Devices. If you click the Start button, it takes you to the Metro-style user interface which gives you one-touch access to all your emails, news, weather info, images, videos, music, settings, Control Panel and various other things which you have pinned to it.

The Share feature lets you quickly share anything via email, social networking sites, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi with your family, friends, and colleagues etc. The Search feature lets you instantly search for files, documents, images, videos, and downloads among other things. Similarly the two other features viz. Settings and Devices let you modify and configure various devices respectively. With these features, I am sure you can afford to live without the Start button. Then there is Home Screen, the Metro-style interface

Reason 4

Apps! There are lots of them on Windows 8 downloadable via Windows Store. There are more than 40,000+ free apps in cookery, entertainment, games, news, finance, and education among other major categories available for download from Windows Store. You can install, uninstall, and reinstall any app at your sole discretion. These apps help you stay connected and updated all the time. You can download recipes, capture images and videos and share them on Facebook, Instagram or wherever you want, set up reminders, measure altitude and longitude, find locations with Google Maps, know the dip and up in the stock exchange, measure your blood pressure, or keep a check on your fitness. With Windows 8 app model, it becomes really easy for you to do what you do on a daily basis or sometimes. Windows 8 helps you stay organized forever.

Reason 5

The upgrade procedure is quite easy and smooth. It doesn’t take more than 40 minutes-1 hour. There comes a Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, which once installed on your computer tells you whether it is eligible for an upgrade or not and also gives step-by-step instructions for the upgrade procedure. The tool scans your computer and tells you what programs you will need to remove before upgrade and which programs can be kept. The tool is free and is downloadable from the Microsoft website. During the upgrade procedure, most of the settings and configurations (if possible) are kept so that you do not face any problems post-upgrade. If you are not dual booting, Windows 8 will completely replace Windows 7 or any previous version on your computer. A data backup is always recommended before you actually begin to do the upgrade.

Should you face any problems during the upgrade procedure, you can get a Microsoft technical support to help you.


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