How to Block Unwanted Websites on a Belkin Router

If you are an IT administrator, a parent or an individual user, you know how difficult it is to protect your wireless network from spam, adult or other unwanted websites which may instantly distribute spam on your computer and compromise your information. As more concerned you are about your security, kids or employees (or other users of your computer) are as careless about online safety and the consequences upon a breach. Since it’s not possible for you to keep a constant eye on what website is being accessed on the Internet and what’s not, the best thing you can do is to block unwanted websites. With a Belkin router, it is simple to block unwanted websites and protect your network from hackers and bandwidth thieves.

Depending on your Belkin router’s model, it should have a parental control feature enabling which will help you give control on the incoming/outgoing website content. If your router doesn’t have a parental control feature, check if it has any such feature to block websites. You can refer to your Belkin router setup manual for more information on the same or visit the Belkin website for that matter.
Step 1
Some new Belkin router models come pre-integrated with Norton-powered website filters which help you block malicious, adult and other unwanted websites easily. Check if your router came installed with the website filters feature so that you can enable it. Follow the steps given below and enable the desired website filter.
Step 2
Open your web browser and type “” in the address bar (without quotes) and hit Enter. The Login screen should come up. click the Login button and enter the desired password in the Password field. The field is left blank by default unless you have set up a custom password. Click the Submit button to log in. In the left hand side menu, click Website Filters under Parental Controls. On the Website Filers screen, you will see 4 filtering options viz. Block Malicious, Adult and other non-family friendly sites, Block malicious and adult sites, Block malicious sites, and No Filters (null). All these four options are self-explanatory, choose one which does the needful for you.
Step 3
Once you have selected the desired filter, click the Apply Changes button to save your changes. The website filter is now enabled. However to make the filter effective, you will need to do one more thing. First of all exit the router interface and then do this. Clear the browsing history, cookies, and temporary cache (Temp folder) on your computer to make the website filter work.
Step 4
If your Belkin device is old and is not powered with Norton website filters, look for the Parental Controls feature. Click it from the left hand side menu and login with your username and password if prompted. The Parental Controls feature might be included as a subscription-based service to your router. So check with your Belkin router support if it needs to be subscribed first in order to be used.
Step 5
Once logged in to Parental Controls, click Modify> Overrides. Type the website name (URL address, for e.g. or the desired keyword which you want to block in the desired field and select the Always blocked button. If you want to block more websites, separate them with commas. When done, click Apply Changes to make it effective. Your network should then not receive any spam, adult, malicious content from the blocked websites. You can now stay tension free always and enjoy and let others enjoy Internet access without being worried.
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