iTunes Freezing Problems

Should you be using your iTunes to play and sync/store your vast collection of music, videos, books etc., it doesn’t really happen that problems never crop up. iTunes freezing is one of the common iTunes problems which can crop when you try to sync your music or podcasts with you iPad, iPhone, Mac, or PC etc.; download iTunes updates; right or left click anywhere on the screen; play a song; or connect your iPad, iPhone etc. to your Mac or PC. Like we see here that iTunes freezes up a lot while being used for miscellaneous things, there are several varied reasons due to which it happens. Well, we can do something about the problem. We can fix iTunes freezing problem by applying some tweaks mentioned in this post.
iTunes Freezing Problems
Step 1
If iTunes freezes up while downloading updates, do this. First empty the temporary files folder in your computer and then repair software if needed. If you are using Windows 7/Vista, the files may be located in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Apple Computer\iTunes. Delete files in the iTunes folder and then move on to repair the software update(s). The location of the temp folder may differ in Windows XP, so locate it to remove the temp files.
Step 2
You should also consider disabling your security software (antivirus) and/or firewall. If you have the pop-up blocker feature enabled, disable it. You should also correct the time zone and date/time settings of your computer to let the updates download smoothly. If you still face problems downloading iTunes updates, do this. Visit the Apple website and manually download all the iTunes updates. When prompted, save the iTunesSetup.exe file and then run it. Download all the updates and that’s it. Your iTunes should not freeze anymore.
Step 3
If the problem persists, uninstall QuickTime and reinstall it. If iTunes continue to freeze after reinstalling QuickTime, do this. As soon as iTunes open up, tap PODCAST on the left hand side of the screen> select Settings> Manual> and then tap OK. Wait and follow rest of the prompt. It will take some time but it will fix iTunes problem permanently. Skip to next step if the problem has lasted.
Step 4
Start iTunes in the Safe Mode while holding down the Shift and Control keys together on the keyboard. You should see a message saying ‘iTunes is running in safe mode’ if you did it correctly. Click Continue to proceed and then try to download updates, sync or perform the desired action. If you don’t experience any problem, it is probably because of a third-party plug in or add-in which you will need to remove to be able to start using your iTunes again. If you are using Mac, you can find plug-ins in Users> username> Library> iTunes> iTunes Plug-ins or Library> iTunes> iTunes Plug-ins.

If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, you can find plug-ins in C:\> Users> username> App Data> Roaming> Apple Computer> iTunes> iTunes Plug-ins or C:\> Program Files> iTunes> Plug-ins. For Windows XP, check C:\> Documents and Settings> username> Application Data> Apple Computer> iTunes> iTunes Plug-ins or C:\> Program Files> iTunes> Plug-ins.
Step 5
If you continue to experience the issue in safe mode, you will be required to create a new user account. You can create a user account after you have tried all the solutions mentioned here. Run a full virus scan and also update your hardware drivers. Though you can download driver updates from Apple’s website but it is recommended to do so from the hardware manufacturer’s website.
Step 6
Uninstall iTunes completely and reinstall it from the Apple website. Before you reinstall iTunes, make sure that you get rid of all its registry entries, processes and files etc. You can run a registry cleaner software to clean up the registry. Disable all the processes by running the MSCONFIG utility and from Task Manager also. When done, reinstall iTunes from the Apple website.
troubleshoot ipad iphone
If nothing seems to be working even after reinstalling iTunes, restore your device to factory settings and get it up and running. Back up your data before you do the device restore otherwise all your data will be erased forever. Also you can create a new user account if needed.


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