What to Do When Mouse Freezes in Windows 7

A Microsoft Windows 7 user wrote in his query to the Microsoft support forum that “Life is too short to be stressed over mouse freeze problem” while asking for help. You may laugh for a moment when you read it but next time you might feel that it’s true. Mouse is an essential part of a computer without which most of the users feel handicapped while accessing/closing programs and doing other miscellaneous things. If mouse freezes, which it certainly does due to miscellaneous reasons, you may not be able to browse the Internet, email, or use your computer for anything. Corrupt registry, outdated driver software, and software/hardware are among other reasons which can cause your mouse to freeze in your Windows 7 computer. Here in this post, I’ve discussed a few workarounds (these will work for both wired/USB mouse) which you can exercise to fix the mouse freeze problem.

Check these workarounds:

Install Windows updates if there are any. Click the Start button, type ‘update’ in the Start Search bar, and click Windows Update. Search for new Windows updates, select the ones which are needed to make your mouse work and install them. It may take some time for the updates to finish downloading. Restart your computer once the downloading is finished.

Update your mouse drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Windows updates do not always have well-written driver software for third-party hardware devices. So, it’s recommended that you check for drivers of your mouse (or other hardware devices) on its manufacturer’s website. Download the desired updates and check back if your mouse starts working or not. Update your mouse’s firmware also from the manufacturer’s website.

Click Start> Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Devices and Printers> double-click Mouse. Click the Buttons tab and set the speed to default settings (which may be halfway). Click Pointer’s Options tab, adjust pointer speed to halfway and check the Enhance pointer precision box. Click the Wheel tab and roll the wheel 1 notch to scroll. Set the ‘Following number of lines at a time’ option to 1. You should also set the ‘Tilt the wheel to scroll the following number of characters at a time’ option to 1. Click Apply and then OK to save changes and exit the active window.

Click Start> Control Panel> double click Power Options. Click Change plan settings> Change advanced power settings> expand USB settings> and expand USB selecting suspend setting. Set both the options viz. ‘On battery’ and ‘Plugged in’ to Disabled. Click Apply and OK to save changes and exit the window. this should work for any USB mouse freeze problem.

Disable the Aero theme in your Windows 7 computer and check back if your mouse stops freezing and starts working. If the mouse starts working, repair the Aero theme using the built-in troubleshooter. If the mouse still freezes, skip to the next step.
online technical support
Run a registry cleaner software and clean up all the corrupt, empty registry keys and subkeys. Corrupt and leftover registry entries of existing programs and uninstalled programs respectively impact performance of your Windows 7 computer and the related devices viz. mouse, keyboard, router etc. Running a registry cleaner will help fix registry errors in Windows 7. Do not forget to back up your registry before you run a cleanup.

Replace the mouse and check back if the new mouse is working properly. If the new mouse is working fine, it indicates that the first mouse is probably bad and needs either a repair or a complete replacement. Should you continue to face any problem, contact Microsoft technical support and get it fixed.


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