How to Set Up HP LaserJet Pro M1218nfs MFP Printer

HP Hotspot LaserJet Pro M1218nfs MFP printer is a brand new printer rolled out by HP a few days back. The All-in-One+1 printer offers a number of new functionalities, features, and abilities including Wi-Fi hotspot to offer users a rich experience. To be able to use the brand new multifunctional printer, you should set up and configure it. While you do so, you may run in troubles. Thus you should follow step-by-step instructions given in this post and get started with your HP printer.
Step 1: Unpack the package and prepare your printer
Unpack contents from the package. Follow instructions given in the user manual and set up all the components and connect your HP printer. Even if you know how to connect a printer, it is still recommended that you read out the manual and do as is instructed. Doing so will help you set up a correct connection and keep problems away. When done, turn on the printer and your computer as well.
Step 2: Run the installation disk
Locate the installation disk, which you took out from the package and insert it in the optical drive of your computer. When detected, the HP installation wizard should automatically pop-up on the screen within a few seconds. If you see no dialog box, the auto-play feature might be disabled on your computer. In that case, go to My Computer or Computer and look for the HP installation disk drive. Double click the drive to open and run the installation program.
Step 3: Follow on-screen instructions
Follow the on-screen instructions and connect the cable when required. You can also configure the wireless/mobile print settings to print from your iOS device, tablet, Smartphone or computer as desired. You can check details about using Wi-Fi hotspot in the manual or on the HP website also.
Step 4: Print a test page
When the installation is completed, the printer will automatically print a page to explain about using Control Panel (of printer). You can also print a test page to confirm that the printer is printing fine. Should you face any problem printing wired/wirelessly from any of your device, contact an HP expert and get it fixed.
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