Fix Error 1068 in Windows 7

While Windows 7 is still the best operating system (without touch-based interface like Windows 8) for computers, it’s not exempted from the misfortune of facing problems though. This cliché applies to all the operating systems including Macs so Windows 7 need not be an exception here. “Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start” is one of the common Windows 7 problems which can occur due to a bad Microsoft update, corrupt registry, and/or disabled Windows services viz. ICS (Internet Connection Sharing), firewall or print spooler. While there has been no apparent reason named till date by fixing which you can fix the error 1068, but you will have to try a number of solutions which get Windows 7 rid of it.
Fix Error 1068 in Windows 7
Here in this post we can check out these solutions to help you fix error 1068 in Windows 7. You may have to try all of them one by one to see what fixes your problem.

Press the Windows + R key combination to bring up the Run utility. Type ‘services.msc’ and click OK. If the UAC (User Account Control) is enabled, Windows might prompt you to enter your admin password to access Services. Locate Network Connections, right click it and then click Properties. In the Network Connections Properties window under the General tab, click the drop-down menu besides Startup type and change it to Manual. Click Apply and then OK to save your changes.

Enable the Base Filtering Engine and set it to Automatic, everything should work great and the problem go away. You should navigate back to the Services window (check the first step), locate Base Filtering Engine, right click it and click Properties. Change the Startup type to Automatic, click Apply, and click OK to save these changes.

Virus and other malware infections often remove or disable the Base Filtering Engine service to penetrate into your computer’s security. So, if you don’t find Base Filtering Engine (BFE) in the services list, you will have to restore it immediately to make firewall program work properly and protect your computer. In this case, you should first use System Restore to restore your computer to an earlier date. This will roll back all the unwanted changes and get the BFE service back for you to enable it again.

If System Restore doesn’t restore BFE, first go to Control Panel> Services> View Local Services and check if you see it there. Also check if you see any firewall program (also Windows Firewall) in the list of services. If both BFE and firewall (Windows if you don’t have a third-party firewall) are missing, you will have to repair and restore them. Visit the Microsoft website and download the BFE repair file and Windows Firewall repair file for Windows 7. Run these files and your computer should run fine.

Run a full virus scan of your system and remove the resulting virus entries post scan. Since the error may be caused by a virus infection which was capable of bypassing the UAC, it is recommended to run a full scan of your computer.

Clear your browser cache viz. history and temp files also to get rid of the error. Whichever web browser you are using, just delete the browsing history, auto-saved files and bookmarks etc. and you be good to go. Besides, delete all the temp files in the Temp folder and Temporary Internet Files folder located in your C: drive> Documents and Settings. The location for these folders might be different so it would be better if you search these folders using Windows Search. Delete everything from these folders and the error may be fixed.

Bring up Run, type ‘msconfig’, and click OK. If prompted, enter your admin password to continue. in the System Configuration window, click the Services tab and enable these services if they are not enabled: Application Layer Gateway Service, Network Connections, Network Local Awareness, Remote Procedure Call, Network Location Awareness, Remote Access Auto Connection Manager, Telephony, and Plug and Play. Click Apply and then OK to save changes. Restart your computer to let the changes take place.

After you try all these solutions, the error 1068 should be fixed and your Windows 7 computer should work great. In case the problem persists, you can avail Windows 7 technical support and get it fixed.
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