How to Setup Firewall on a Belkin Router

A firewall is a software program or hardware device designed to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic from a computer and block hackers from connecting to it and malicious software from downloading on to it. Since firewall is an important security program, many modern devices come pre-loaded with it. Your Belkin router is one of these devices which come pre-loaded with firewall to protect you online when surfing the web, emailing, downloading or doing many more things. To be able to get your Belkin wireless router firewall protect you when on the wireless network, you will have to enable or setup it. That’s exactly what I can help you with.

Check the below mentioned instructions here and set up firewall on your Belkin router:

Log in to Belkin router setup utility on the web interface. To do so, open your web browser and type ‘’ in the address bar. Hit Enter to proceed. On the login screen, enter your Belkin router password and click Submit.

On the Belkin Setup utility page, click LAN Setup menu in the left hand panel and you will see the current configuration including firewall of your Belkin router. Under Features, you can also see whether firewall is enabled or not.

Now that you are sure firewall is not enabled, click the Firewall menu in the left hand panel to make firewall settings show up on the screen. Click to select the Enable button and then click Apply Changes to save your firewall configuration. That’s all it takes to setup your Belkin router’s firewall and enjoy safety and protection while online and even offline.

One thing I would like to remind you about here is that a firewall (specifically router’s) when enabled blocks ports for certain websites and content streaming, particularly when you are using XBOX 360 which becomes unable to communicate with XBOX LIVE. To be able to get around this problem, you will have to open certain ports in your router. Enabling ports is also known as port forwarding, a popular technique to allow communication and streaming
These port numbers include Port 88 (UDP), 3074 (UDP & TCP), 53 (UDP & TCP), and 80 (TCP). To enable all these ports, you will have to log in to your Belkin router’s web-based setup utility (check the first step) and navigate to Firewall> Virtual Servers. On the next screen, you can fill in the desired port numbers here.
configure wireless routers
Do check the Enable box and type a description in the Description box (for e.g. game). Select port type viz. UDP or TCP or both from the drop-down menu. Enter IP address and the Private Port if desired and click the Apply Changes button. That’s it and the ports in your router will be enabled.


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