Is Windows 8 Good for Tablets?

Windows has been there for desktop and laptop computers for ages now. Windows 8 is the best latest operating system (in fact Windows 7 is also the last best OS) available in the market for desktops and laptops. Besides desktops and laptops, Microsoft extended its reach to tablets and Smartphones by making Windows 8 available for them. Before Windows 8, no Windows version (though there also comes Windows 7.5) had been made available by Microsoft for tablets and/or Smartphones for that matter. However, the latest touch-based Microsoft operating system shunned its previous image and offered an assurance that it is going to make it really exciting for tablets like any other operating system viz. iOS, Android, Blackberry, Kindle, and Java ME among others.

This time Microsoft has proved that things can be really brought to a change, which becomes a milestone and sets a trend for other operating systems also. Windows 8 introduced the laptop-convertible-tablet or tablet-convertible-laptop concept to the world. If we talk about this concept, it’s pioneer and no other tablet OS has been introduced with this before. So the latest Microsoft OS wins half of the battle here. Let’s check about rest of the hurdles that came in the way but actually got sideways as Windows 8 did really prove its mettle.

With the modern user interface, Windows 8 is way too better than iOS, Blackberry or Android. I went through comments of many iPad, Android, and other users and found that they really liked the new ‘Touch and Go’ style. Though tablets are all about ‘Touch and Go’, but the kind of convenience and flexibility offered by Windows 8 was outstanding and commendable. Multiple tiles can be opened and viewed at once without much problems. Even if you don’t open any tile, you still stay connected to your social network, logged into mails, check weather and news info, and capture videos or images etc. right from the UI without any problem. Customers find tiles on the UI more organized and friendly. With the Charms bar, it becomes really easy to find, share, and customize your settings and apps with a simple slide of your finger. Such a convenience is missing from the other tablet OSs.

The OS comes pre-integrated with SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service. It has been considered as the best cloud storage, a.k.a. online storage service by many customers who understand the importance of their data and also that the external storage media are not reliable and safe for use neither during emergencies nor in the day-to-day routines. Windows App Store has given users more reasons to smile. There are around 10,000+ apps available for download on your tablet. Before you download, you can preview the desired apps and read reviews about them. Besides, you can uninstall and reinstall the apps anytime you want without much ado. In a nutshell, I can say that Windows 8 has brought tablet users the functionality of desktops and laptops in more portable forms (in the form of tablets) and for desktop and laptop users, it has brought in the Touch and Go concept, which is amazing and gives a feeling like looking into the future without taking help of NASA’s gadgets.
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