How to Print Emails in Windows 8

Microsoft has killed the notion that PCs cannot do much. With Windows 8, Microsoft has offered every reason to customers to work with a smile on their faces. Printing is one of such things that users do regularly or occasionally. In fact printing is an essential part of the routine lives of users for personal and/or professional reasons. With varied roles and varied printing requirements brings along problems for users.

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Considering this, Microsoft has made printing easier in Windows 8. You can print everything from your documents, images, to emails among other things with just a few taps or clicks. Printing emails has never easier and convenient in any Windows version. However with Windows 8, it is the easiest task to do. You can print emails while playing around with your Windows 8 apps or documents etc. It’s fast and really convenient. I’m going to discuss about how users can print emails in Windows 8 in this post today.

Check out the following steps and print all the desired emails in your Windows 8 computer:

• Tap or click the Mail tile (icon) on the Metro user interface and your Inbox should open up if you are already signed in. If not, then you will be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft email account and password. Provide all the details and then sign in.

• If you are on the Desktop screen, you can switch to the Metro user interface by clicking the Start button on the Charms bar. To bring up the Charms bar, press the Windows + C keys together on the keyboard. You can also use your mouse to bring up the Charms bar. Hover your mouse around the bottom right hand corner of the screen and the Charms bar should show up. Thereafter, tap the Mail tile and sign in.

• Once signed in, your Inbox should pull up on the screen. You can now browse all the mail items. Open the desired mail so that its content is viewable. Now just give the old, popular print command viz. Ctrl + P (keyboard shortcut) from your keyboard.

• Windows 8 will open up a list of printing devices installed on your computer. Select a device from the given list and also customize the page’s orientation (printing preferences) viz. size, color, font etc. When done, tap or click the Print button.

• The file-to-be print will now be saved to the documents folder. You will see a notification saying ‘File saved to the Documents folder’. When done, navigate to the Documents folder and open the file with XPS Viewer. Either give a print command (Ctrl + P) or click the File menu> Print and your email will be printed. Take the printout from your printer. Once you have printed all the desired emails, you can close out your email account if desired.

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