How Do I Close Screens on My Surface Tablet

Along with Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone, Microsoft also released its much-awaited tablet named Surface in a major event held in October last month. The tablet, which is another in the huge and ever growing tablet market with iPad, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and Google Nexus etc. to compete, has been well received among users for its competitive features, capabilities, built-in apps, contemporary design, and integrated Windows Store among other things.

Screens on My Surface Tablet

Nah, Microsoft Surface hasn’t raised the bar in terms of features for iPad or Kindle Fire but yes it has definitely added another (good) option for users to get their hands around emails, instant messaging, music, social networks, and apps etc. in the Microsoft style. Though its not difficult for tablet users to swipe or swirl around Microsoft Surface to get going with their emails, media streaming, Wi-Fi, documents etc., they may still need some help using it. That’s exactly what I’m going to post about today. I’ve come across many people asking me ‘I’m not sure about how to close active screens on my Surface tablet, it’s new to me’ and other similar questions.

Not many of you would find it hard to play around with a tablet but yes some people really need help and that’s where I say ‘don’t worry, I can help you’. Take my words you will need nothing more than your Surface tablet (and your fingers of course) to close active screens on your Surface tablet. Let me start with how to open any app on your tablet. You simply have to tap the desired app or program (for e.g. click Email or Camera) and it will be opened on the screen. That’s it! You generally need not close an application on your tablet when you are not using it. Windows when senses the long period of inactivity for any application (app) will eventually close it.

However if you are the kind of person who believes in the ‘wrap up & go’ concept before you move on to do anything else, you will obviously want to close the active screens without waiting for Windows to automatically DIY (do it for yourself). So here you go. To close an opened program, tap its top (the upper edge of the screen) and then drag it down to the screen. The application will be closed. That’s it. You can also close an application using your keyboard. Yes the Microsoft Surface tablet doubles up as a function keyboard if you hold down the Fn key at the bottom of the screen. Known as Touch Cover, the slim cover unfolds as a keyboard to touch and type.

The same old Windows keyboard shortcut has lived on. Microsoft hasn’t done away with it. So you just press the Alt + F4 keys together on the keyboard and the currently active screen will vanish. Alternatively, you can press the Alt + Fn keys while holding down the Play/Pause button to close the active screen. That’s it and your problem is solved. You can now begin to play around with your latest, shiny, beautiful Microsoft Surface tablet.

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