Get Windows 8 Installation Support

Windows 8, which bears the flagship of being a Metro-style operating system from Microsoft, is officially out for download and use for customers across the world. Windows 8 doesn’t have a Start button but has the Metro-style interface which loads up first instead of the usual Desktop screen when the computer is rebooted. With live, touchable tiles on the smart Start screen, Windows 8 offers a truly Metro-style experience that matches with the fast, Metro lifestyle of the young and adult generations which believe in ‘Touch & Go’, except the old generation which will find it hard to use the brand new operating system on their machines.
Windows 8 Installation Support
If you are eagerly waiting to get your hands around Windows 8, you would want to install it on your computer. Windows 8 offers two installation options viz. upgrade and clean installation. With system requirements, touch-based functionality, device & driver installation, and miscellaneous reasons, Windows 8 installation may not be a breeze for you.

This is where we can help you. We offer 24×7, 365 days a year ‘phone-based’ support to help you smoothly install Windows 8 and configure settings and other programs so that you can use your computer for your daily and professional needs. What’s more we’ll educate you about using Windows 8 to help you switch to and from the traditional style Desktop screen and use the Smart screen to email, share photos, check weather & other news, capture images and save them and do miscellaneous things to explore the world.

Call us at 1-866-541-1792 and our team of Windows 8 experts will help you to:

  • Prepare your computer for Windows 8 installation
  • Complete pre-installation requirements and troubleshoot problems on the way
  • Safely back up your files, documents, family videos, contacts, emails and other data
  • Perform upgrade or clean installation
  • Install and configure Windows 8
  • Install and configure Microsoft Office applications including Outlook, Word etc.
  • Set up email account (POP3/IMAP/HTTP etc.) in Microsoft Outlook
  • Setup printer and troubleshoot printer-related issues
  • Setup wireless network and fix wireless connectivity issues
  • Educate you about using Windows 8 on your computer

troubleshoot windows8 laptop or desktop


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