Setting Up Windows XP on a Sony Vaio Computer

Setting up a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows XP operating system is a common yet daunting task which many users fear of not being able to do properly. Needless to say the setup of an operating system on a laptop computer is cumbersome and time-consuming, and comprises installation and configuration of multiple settings, software, and updates among other things.
Despite the involvement of several complexities, it is fairly easy to set up a Windows operating system on a computer. You also need not acquire particular technical skills to carry out the procedure.
Given below are the steps to set up Windows XP on your Vaio machine:

What is required before you begin to set up Windows XP on your Vaio laptop?
The licensed copy of Windows XP setup CD (Home/Professional edition)

Drivers and utilities software CD (if needed)
Sony Vaio laptop

Step 1: Insert Windows XP Disk

Insert Windows XP Disk

As shown in the picture above, insert your Windows XP installation disk in the optical drive of your Vaio laptop. Close the tray and then restart your computer. Wait for automatic wizard to come up.

Step 2: Follow On-Screen Instructions

If your computer is configured to boot from the disk, it will display a ‘Press any key to boot from the CD’ message when it boots. To complete the command, hit Enter or any key that you want on the keyboard. Continue with rest of the on-screen prompts. When you reach this screen, click Install Windows XP, the first option on the screen.

Follow On-Screen Instructions

Step 3: Accept the License Agreement

Press the F8 key on the keyboard to accept the license end user agreement and follow rest of the on-screen prompts to partition your hard drive and back up data also if needed.

Accept the License Agreement

Step 4: Auto-restart After Installation

Your Vaio laptop will boot several times during the installation procedure. It is normal so don’t be worried. Windows XP will be continued to install on your machine after it automatically restarts. When prompted, enter your name and organization etc. to personalize your Windows XP computer. Click Next to continue.

Auto-restart After Installation

Step 5: Enter Product Key

On the next screen, enter your product key, an string of 25 alpha-numeric characters. Be careful when you enter the product key. Make sure that Caps lock is not turned on the laptop. Click Next once you have entered the key.

Enter Product Key

Step 6: Personalize Your Computer

On the next screen, enter your computer’s name and click Next. When prompted, set up time, data and a time zone and follow rest of the on-screen prompts. When done, you will see Windows XP finally initializing like shown in the picture below.
Personalize Your Computer

Step 7: Start with Welcome Screen

Follow the on-screen prompts and register your Microsoft product if needed. When done, log on to your Windows XP computer and get going. You can now connect to the Internet, set up your email, install driver software for your peripherals like router or printer if needed or do miscellaneous things. Do not forget to install your antivirus once you are done setting up your Vaio XP machine.

Start with Welcome Screen

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