How Affordable are Cloud Storage Solutions

From the computer – in to the cloud. This is exactly what cloud storage does when you have it. The service takes your files, stored on your computer, and stores them in the cloud server to help keep them safe and intact from being lost due to accidental deletions, lockups, thefts, power outages and catastrophic damages such as floods. Understanding that data backups are vital, many people have been counting on external storage devices such as CDs, hard drives, thumb drives and other USB devices from a long time.
Cloud Storage Solutions
Despite that the computer & IT world has grown up vast and to the extent of using cloud storage on a massive scale, people still rely on the external storage media because for them it’s comfortable, safe, in-the-vogue from the beginning till today, always-in-reach, and somewhat affordable. However, those who have been using external storage devices to back up their data know that the real scenario is quite opposite at least when compared to cloud storage.

Backing up data on external storage devices is neither comfortable nor affordable. Though the culture of using these devices is still in fashion, but it’s not safe anymore. No matter how many hard drives, CDs or USB devices you store your family photos, videos or documents on to, they will remain exposed to the same conditions mentioned above. It’s again very risky to count on your computer for data backup needs.

It is because your computer is vulnerable and will forever remain vulnerable to spyware, virus, malware attacks and other such online threats. Apart from these, there are hard drive failures, power outages, computer crashes, and technical glitches like the BSOD error that your computer will inexorably have to face irrespective of its brand and advanced technical capabilities.

Cloud storage, also known as online storage is a contemporary, hassle-free, and affordable way for storing your digital possessions including documents, family photos, music\video collection, emails, and contacts among other things on the Internet. As you that it is very difficult to access and manage a large and even little volume of digital data in the absence of a proper backup and restore arrangement, cloud storage offers you a permanent and affordable solution.

Cloud storage offers a standalone solution for all such problems. You can say that cloud storage helps you create a mirror image of your digital possessions for anytime, anywhere use. In fact, it allows you to carry your computer (data) on the go. So whenever and wherever you want, you can access your data either from your own computer or your mobile phone. Now let’s discuss the point which is also the topic in this post. The point is ‘are cloud storage solutions affordable as compared to external storage media solutions?’

I did an extensive research on several cloud storage solutions and external backup media solutions and what the facts I found were shocking. There was found a huge difference between the two solutions when it came to affordability. A hard drive can cost you as much as $300-$500 according to its storage capacity whereas a USB drive can cost anything from $30 to $400 no matter if purchased offline or online. This may be the one-time cost for any external device that you might purchase.

Now if this hard drive or USB device gets corrupt due to power outage, any technical glitch, or virus infection among other reasons, the entire data stored on it will be wiped out. Not only the data will be wiped out but also the money you spent on buying it will also never be recovered. If you go to a technician or computer repair center to have your data recovered from the crashed or infected device, you will have to pay the service charges. When calculated, the amount in all shot up more than $2000.

Facts collected from various sources also confirmed that users spend around $70,000 on recovering data from hard drives. It is a 1,000 times greater than what is actually spent on storing your files on a cloud server. On the other hand, cloud storage solutions shone up bright with their offerings ranging from monthly plans costing as little as $5 to as much as $200 for yearly plans. There were found major differences when the costs were compared.

With external storage media solutions, you will have to spend 1,000 times more money than you will actually be spending with cloud storage solutions. While you will spend more money to take care of your data backup, you will also have to take more pain and face great inconvenience while doing more backups, updating existing database, and restoring them again. On the other hand, cloud storage needs nothing except your computer or mobile phone with an active Internet connection. Cloud storage costs nothing at all to customers as compared to external storage media. It’s a peaceful, comfortable and convenient way for storing your files online, not just once but forever.
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