How to Schedule an Email in Microsoft Outlook 2007

Despite that you remain always busy and in a hurry and have to float emails regularly and in-time, you can save yourself a big deal of time by scheduling them. Yes, Microsoft Outlook 2007 does integrate a feature that helps you schedule an individual or all your emails as desired. Check the steps given below and learn how to schedule emails in Microsoft Outlook 2007. With these steps, you can delay the delivery of your messages by the desired time or send them at a scheduled time.
Step 1
If you want to delay the delivery of a new email message, use this method. Open Outlook> click New on Advanced ribbon to create a new email message. In the To field, enter the email address of the recipient(s). Add CC or BCC if you want to . When done, Click the Options ta> click Delay Delivery. It will open up the Message Options dialog box.
Step 2
Look under Delivery options and check the box beside Do not deliver before if it’s not already checked. You will see the current date in the first box and then the time in the next box. Change the date and time as per your requirement. If you want this message to be delivered to some more recipients, click the Select Names button and select them from the Address Book.
Step 3
When done, click Close to close the Message Options dialog box. If you want to make sure that you receive a delivery report after the email has been delivered, check the Request a Delivery Receipt checkbox. Your email has now been scheduled to deliver on a specific date and time. Click Send button now. After you hit the Send button, the email will stay in the Outbox folder unless sent.
Step 4
If you want to schedule all your messages to be delivered at the desired time and date, create a new rule. Open Outlook> click Tools> click Rules and Alerts. In the Rules and Alerts window, click the New Rule button under the E-mail Rules tab. In the Rules Wizard dialog box, look under Start from a blank rule and click the Check messages after sending option. Click Next.
Step 5
Select a checkbox under the Select Condition(s) heading and click Next. If you don’t select any checkboxes, the wizard will prompt you to click Yes to make the rule apply to all the messages that you will send. Under Select action(s), check the box next to defer delivery by a number of minutes.
Step 6
Under Step 2: Edit the rule description (click an underlined value), click a number of, the underlined text and select the number of minutes from the drop-down or upward arrow beside Defer Delivery by. When done selecting the time, click the OK button. You will see the number of minutes (underlined) in the defer delivery by minutes option. When done, click the Next button.
Step 7
Under Select exception(s), check a box to select an exception(s) to skip applying this rule for the messages you will send and then click the Next button. Under Specify a name for this rule, type a name for your newly created rule (like scheduled messages etc.). Check the box beside Turn on this rule if it’s not already checked. Click Finish to save changes and exit the Rules Wizard window.
Step 8
Close the Rules and Alerts window also.  From now onwards, every email that you send will remain in the Outbox folder for the specified period of time. If anytime you want to stop scheduling emails, go back to the Rules and Alerts window and select a rule under E-mail Rules and click the Delete button. The rule will no longer affect your email messages. For a POP3 account, make sure that you keep Outlook opened until the email(s) is sent.

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