How to Use Mail Merge in Outlook

In my previous post, I discussed about how you can use the BCC feature in Microsoft Outlook to send a personalized email to several of your contacts without letting each other know their identity. Another such feature that Outlook integrates is ‘Mail Merge’. With Mail Merge, you can send a personalized email to all your Outlook contacts on various occasions viz. Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. without letting each other know that they have been kept in the loop.
Believe me, it’s the easiest method of saving labor and time on such occasions when you really have to greet and wish everyone in a personalized manner. So here is my procedure for helping you use the Mail Merge feature in Outlook: 
Step1: Open Outlook, click Contacts in the left hand grid and select the desired contacts. You can use the Shift + Down Arrow key on the keyboard to select multiple contacts at once.
Step2: When done, click Tools> Mail Merge. On the Mail Merge Contacts window, make sure that the Only selected contacts option is selected. (if it’s not selected, then select it).
Step3: Under Merge to, select E-mail from the drop-down menu. Type a subject line like Merry Christmas! in the Message subject line box. Click OK to save changes and exit the window.
Step4: You will now see a new Microsoft Word window. Since you have already selected your contacts, you need not do select them again. Start typing your message in the Word doc.
Step5: If you want to insert a greeting line, click the Greeting Line option. Type the desired greeting and click OK. If you want to insert a merge field, click Insert Merge Field
Step6: Select a field and then click Insert. If you want to view how your email will look like, click Preview Results. If you are satisfied, click the Finish & Merge button> select Send E-mail Messages.  

Step7: You will now see the Merge to E-mail dialog box. Click OK to start sending email messages. Microsoft Word will send each of your contacts your message. You are done now!

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