I am Unable to Receive MSN Emails Using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, What Should I Do?

If your incoming mail server POP3 is not configured properly, you may not receive email messages in your MSN Hotmail account configured in Outlook or Outlook Express. Sometimes custom filters that you use can also cause your MSN emails not be pulled in Outlook or Outlook Express account. Check the steps given below and fix the email receiving issues in Outlook or Outlook Express.
Step 1
For Outlook 2007, click the Tools tab> Account Settings. Click your MSN email account and then click Change. If you are using Outlook 2003 or 2002, click ToolsE-mail Accounts. In the E-mail Accounts window, click your MSN email account and then click Change. Depending on your Outlook version, you may also see the View or change existing email accounts option after you select E-mail Accounts. Click it and then click Next.
Step 2
You will now see your MSN email account listed there. Click it and then click Change. In the Internet E-mail Settings (POP) window, look under Server Information. The Incoming Mail Server (POP) box should say ‘pop3.live.com’. If it’s different, type ‘pop3.live.com’ in the Incoming Mail Server (POP3) box. Click Next and then Finish. Restart Outlook.
Step 3
Click Tools> and then click Send/Receive. emails should pull up fine. Also remove any custom filters that you might have installed in Outlook to automatically move messages to another email account or a folder on the MSN mail server. To remove a filter, click the View tab> Arrange ByCustom. In the Customize View window, click the Filter button. In the Filter dialog box, click Clear All and then click OK. Click OK again to exit the window.
Step 4
Restart Outlook and click Send/Receive to let the emails come in. If you are using Outlook Express, use these steps. Open Outlook Express, click Tools> click Accountscounts window, click your MSN email account and click the Properties button on the right hand side. In the Properties window, click the Servers tab. verify that the Incoming Mail Server (POP) box says ‘pop3.live.com’.
Step 5
If it’s different, retype the server address as is in the box. Click the Apply button and then OK to save changes and exit the Properties window. Exit the Accounts window and restart Outlook Express. Click Tools> and click Send/Receive to start receiving the messages.

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