Fix Common Outlook 2010 Problems

Though Microsoft Outlook 2010 being the latest email client comes packed with a set of enhanced features to enhance your email experience, it may at times become unstable and give you errors. Such problems can be attributed to oversize PST file(s), malfunctioning plug-ins, or corrupt Outlook registry entries among other reasons. Considering that you need help fixing these common Microsoft Outlook 2010 problems, I have discussed a few points here. Have a look at them and fix any issues that may arise when using your Outlook 2010:
Step 1
Close Microsoft Outlook if it is running and open the SCANPST.exe tool. Click the Start button> Computer. If you are using Windows XP, click My Computer from the Start menu. In the Computer> double-click the C: drive> and then Program Files (or Programs Files x86)> Microsoft Office> Office 14
Step 2
Double-click the SCANPST.exe file and the Inbox Repair Tool dialog box will open up. Click the Browse button to look for the Outlook PST file, which you want to scan for errors. Select the file and then click Open. Click the Start button to start scanning the file. The PST file is usually located in the C: drive> Users> Username> AppData> Local> Microsoft> Outlook>.
Step 3
Click the Repair button to start repairing the errors found during the scan (self-explanatory). Before you click Repair, check the box beside Make backup of scanned file before repairing. It will help you restore your old PST file in the event if something goes wrong. Wait for the tool to fix the errors. When you see the Repair Complete box, click OK.
Step 4
The Inbox Repair Tool box will automatically disappear. Exit all the windows and open Outlook. Send a test mail to if the problem has fixed. If you continue to face error messages, you may need to start Outlook in safe mode. Like you restart your Windows computer in safe mode, you can start Microsoft Outlook also that way. 
Step 5
In the safe mode, Outlook will start without any add-in or plug-in etc. Thus if Outlook starts without any problem in safe mode, it indicates a problem with a plug-in or add-in. To restart Outlook in safe mode, press the Windows and R keys together on the keyboard. It will open the Run window.
Step 6
In the Open box in Run, type ‘outlook /safe’ (without quotes) and click OK. If the command returns an error message saying it could not find the file, type ‘outlook.exe /safe’ and click OK. Your Outlook will now restart in safe mode. Click the Tools menu> and go to Trust Center.
Step 7
In the Trust Center window, click the Add-ins option in the left hand pane> click the drop-down arrow beside Manage> select COM Add-ins> and click Go. In the COM Add-ins window, you can see all the add-ins installed in Outlook. If you simply want to disable an add-in, uncheck the box beside it and then click the OK button. 
Step 8
If you want to remove an add-in, select it’s box and then click Remove. If prompted, confirm the action. You must repeat this procedure for other undesired add-ins also. Make sure that you disable or remove one add-in at a time and then check back if Outlook starts working or not. Do not disable or remove all the add-ins at once because by doing so, you will not be able to detect the culprit add-in.
Step 9
Update Microsoft Outlook with the latest updates and patches to make sure it works fine. you can install updates from the Windows Update service or Outlook itself. In the event of a problem, contact Microsoft technical support.

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