How to Sync Outlook Contacts with Windows Phone

If you have your Windows phone always with you on the go and you use Outlook for your personal or professional email communication, you may want to update your Outlook contacts with your stylish phone to make sure that you never miss an email or conversation. It’s possible and can be done easily. After all it’s all about keeping yourself moving while enjoying best of both the worlds. Check the steps given below and sync your Outlook contacts with your stylish Windows phone
1: First make sure that you have a valid Hotmail, Windows Live ID or other email account. If you own a Hotmail account, it means you have a valid Windows Live ID. If you don’t have a Hotmail or Live ID, you can create one. Determine if you use Microsoft Exchange Server or a different email server. 
2: Open Outlook> click Tools> Account Settings. Under the E-mail tab, check if your email account says Exchange. If it does, your email server type is Microsoft Exchange Server. Exit Account Settings window and close Outlook. If you have a different exchange server,
3: Add your Hotmail/Windows Live ID account to your Windows phone. Tap left on the Start screen and then tap Settings. Tap Email + accounts> Add an account> Outlook. Fill in your email address and password in the given boxes and tap the Sign in button.
4: Your Windows phone will begin to sync with Outlook. Depending on the size of your Outlook contact list, syncing may take some time. When done, go back to the Start screen and determine if your Outlook contacts show up in the People Hub or not.
5: If you use a different server, you can download and install the Outlook Hotmail Connector to your Outlook. You can download the connector from the Microsoft Download Center. Run the installation files and complete the process. When done, set up your Hotmail account in Outlook as a new profile and then begin syncing.

6: You can also manually sync your Outlook contacts to your Windows phone but it will be a cumbersome and lengthy procedure. The above mentioned steps work for Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003 on Microsoft Exchange Server. With a different email server, you will need a Outlook Hotmail Connector as described above. 

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