How to Use BCC in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook integrates many useful utilities and features that make it a powerful and useful email client for users. You can archive emails, schedule and attend online meetings, set up reminders and do lots of things without pulling your hair. BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) is one such small feature that helps you keep people in know without revealing each other’s identity. BCC, a half sister of CC (Carbon Copy) can be used in many ways to keep you in the know or keep others in the know. Check the tips below: 
1: If you want to keep your recipients hidden from each other for the information copied to them on the email, add them to the BCC line. This way no recipient will come to know that the same email has been sent to other people also. This way you can have more control on the emails that you circulate in your personal or professional circles.
2: BCC also helps prevent flooding of the inboxes. Yes, if you are on the BCC line of any email you received, you won’t receive any email from the person (who is on the To or CC line) replying to it. Thus your Inbox will not overflow from the replies sent by other recipients on the CC or To line.
3: If you BCC’d an email and you want to check out who all were the recipients, you can do it easily. Click the Sent Items folder and click the email that you sent. All the recipients of your email will be displayed in line. Now you can check who received your email. 

4: One thing you may not like about BCC that it can reveal your identity also. Suppose, you were BCC’d by your friend and you replied to him. People on the CC and To line will come to know you were kept in the loop. Yes, your identity will be revealed to those people. So if you to keep your identity hidden, email your know separately. 

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