Disable Automatic Send or Receive in Microsoft Outlook 2010

“How can I disable automatic send/receive so messages stay in my Outbox until I press F9. I could do this in previous versions but can’t find the setting in 2010. I find it useful in-case I need to pull a message from the Outbox to make a change before sending”. This is an excerpt from a Microsoft Outlook 2010 user who was able to send and receive emails in Microsoft Outlook 2007 but faced problems in Outlook 2010. Let me tell you why? It is because Outlook 2010 surprisingly doesn’t offer disabling of the automatic send/receive feature. Don’t worry! It is because there are still workarounds that you can use to disable auto send/receive feature in Outlook 2010. Check the steps given below:
Step 1
Open Outlook 2010> point to Options. In the Outlook Options window, click Advanced and look for Send and receive. If you simply want to disable the Automatic Send feature, uncheck the Send immediately when connected box. Click OK to save changes and exit Outlook Options. If you want to determine whether this is working or not, create a test email and send it to yourself.
Step 2
If you need more control on your messages, then you can specify date and time to hold up them for a specified period. This way a message will stay in the Outbox. Meanwhile you can re-edit your message and then send it back. Before you begin, let me tell you that it will work on the new messages and those in the Outbox folder. Create a new email message or open an existing one. Click the drop-down arrow in front of Options and click Message Options.
Step 3
In the Message Options window, look under Delivery Options. Check the Do not deliver before box and select the date and time from the respective boxes. Check the Expire after box and specify the date and time again. Click Close to save changes. Reedit your message as desired and then click Send. Your email message will now stay in the Outbox and won’t be sent until the desired time.

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Step 4
Working in the Offline mode is another way of preventing emails from being automatically sent or received. You need to enable the work offline mode first. Open Outlook> click Send / ReceiveWork Offline at the right hand side of the window where it says Preferences. It will show a red X mark on the globe. This indicates that you have enabled the Work Offline mode now.
Step 5

Now compile as many emails you want and click the Send button. The emails will remain in the Outbox folder for as long as you want. When you want to send the messages, click the Work Offline button again and all of these will begin to go through. When done, click the Send & Receive button to make sure that no email has been left in the send or receive mode. When done, close Outlook.


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