How to Filter Junk Emails in Microsoft Outlook

It can be really irritating to see those useless real estate ads, free coupons, or lottery wins etc. in your Outlook Inbox. When you go check your Inbox, you only find it filled with trash. It’s not a good start for your work I must say.  You must keep junk out of your Inbox only to find emails that matter to you. Though Microsoft Outlook already has a Junk filter that sends suspicious messages to the Junk E-mail folder but you should also take steps to stop them from invading your Inbox now and forever. Since it’s not practical and feasible to sieve out message to message, you can follow these steps given below:
1. Create a safe senders list. It’s really important who you know. Because then Outlook will also know who you know. So better create a list of safe senders so that you know who they are. To add a sender to the Safe Senders list, right-click a message> JunkNever Block the Group or Mailing List. Repeat this step to add others senders also. you can also manually create a Safe Senders list from the Home tab> JunkJunk E-mail OptionsSafe SendersAdd
2. Block unwanted senders by adding them to the Block Senders list. To block a sender, right-click a message> JunkBlock Sender. You can also manually create a Blocked Senders list from the Home tab> JunkJunk E-mail OptionsBlocked SendersAdd. Add name of the senders whom you do not want to receive messages from and save the changes.
3. You can also block messages from a particular region or country in Outlook also. This will help Outlook sieve out messages quickly. Go back to the Junk E-mail Options (see above)> click the International tab> click Blocked Top-Level Domain List.  Select the checkbox beside the desired country or region and click OK to save the changes.
4. You can also block weird messages containing weird alphabets, signs etc. to keep your Inbox tidy. To do so, click Blocked Encoding List under the International tab (see above) and select the language types. Click OK. You can also set up rules in Outlook to filter junk messages to either move them to the Junk folder or delete them right away when they arrive.

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***The above mentioned methods are intended for Outlook 2010. However, for Outlook 2007 and 2003, the options will remain more or less the same.Should you face any problems in Microsoft Outlook, call us at +1-866-541-1792 and get an expert to help you.


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