How to Do Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Outlook

In my previous post, I discussed about how you can filter emails or group them as conversations in Microsoft Outlook to sieve out important messages and improve your productivity. I have some more Outlook tips to discuss that will help you improve your efficiency by highlighting your important emails when you are in your office. I am explaining how you can apply conditional formatting to your Inbox emails and prioritize what is important to you.
1. Open Outlook> click the View tab> View SettingsConditional Formatting. On the Conditional Formatting window, you can see the pre-set rules under Rules for this view.
2. Click the Add button to set up a new rule for conditional formatting. For example, you want to create a rule to highlight the emails that will be sent to you. In the Name box, type ‘Only Me’ or whatever name you like. Change the font if you want to by clicking the Font button.
3. Now click the Condition button. On the Filter window, make sure the Where I am box is checked. Select the only person on the To line option from the drop-down arrow next to the Where I am box.
4. Click OK to apply the changes. You will now return to the Conditional Formatting window. Click OK to apply the changes. If you want to test the newly created rule, create a test mail and send it yourself.

5. The message you will receive will be highlighted in the font that you selected. You are all set to see your important emails and no craps. If anytime you want to de-prioritize your emails, go back to the Conditional Formatting window and delete the rule.
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