How to Split up a Large PST File in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook uses PST file(s) to store your emails, attachments, and calendar among other Outlook data. Due to the consistent use, this PST file grows large in size, causing Microsoft Outlook to crash, hang, or slow down. If Microsoft Outlook starts malfunctioning, it can lead to miscellaneous problems on your PC. This is where you need to split your oversize PST file to a new PST file to avoid facing Microsoft Outlook problems. Check the steps given below and split your large PST file into two:

1. Open Outlook> click the File tab> NewOutlook Data File. In the next window, select Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.PST) and click OK.

2. Type a name for this new PST file and select a path folder to save it. By default, the destination folder will be Outlook and Save as Type will be Personal Folder Files. Hence, you need not change it.
microsoft outlook support
3. When done, click OK. In the Create Microsoft Personal Folders dialog box, a default path of this PST file will be specified. You need not change the path.

4. Type the file’s name in the Name box. This should be the same name that you previously used in the File Name box. Microsoft Outlook will use this name in its Mail Folders list. If prompted, type a security password for your newly created PST file. Reconfirm it and check the Remember Password box. Click OK to save the changes.

5. Your new PST file is created now and is ready for use. You will see your newly created PST file listed under the Folder list in the left hand panel. You can now start moving items to the new PST file. To move items into this file, click any folder like Inbox, select the desired emails, right-click and select Move to Folder.

6. In the Move Items dialog box, look for your new PST file folder and click it once. Click OK to start moving the items. When done, check the file to see whether the items have moved. You will see them listed there. You can move an item individually or select as many items as you want at once and move them to the newly created PST file.

7. You can create several small PST files and move data to them from all Outlook folders. Besides, you should always back up your PST files to avoid losing data due to computer crash or Outlook inoperable reasons.

8. Another method for splitting data into another PST files is archiving. Microsoft Outlook has the Archive feature that helps you move mailbox items to a new PST file. To archive a folder items, open Outlook> click FileArchive. In the Archive window, make sure the Archive this folder and all subfolders button is selected.

9. Select a folder that you want to archive and then select a date from the Archive items older than box. Click the Browse button to save your archived PST file to a desired location. If you don’t want to change the path of the archived file, leave it to the default location.

10. When done, click OK to save the changes and exit the Archive window. You can change properties viz. name etc. of the archived folder any time you want to. You simply need to right-click the archived folder and select Properties. Change name or location of the folder and click OK. Click OK again to exit the window.

***Make a note of your PST file’s password to avoid losing it. If you lose the password, you cannot recover your PST file data.


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