How to Group your Emails as Conversations in Outlook

Email management is one such important thing that Microsoft Outlook users believe in doing. Those who are using Microsoft Outlook for business or professional purposes, it is really important for them to keep their Inbox or other Outlook folders organized to find, reply to or forward important emails quickly and easily. Check the steps given below and group your emails as conversations to find out the desired information quickly:

1. Open Outlook> click the View tab> click Show as Conversations. When prompted, make a selection. If you want to group emails into conversations only for a particular folder, click This folder button. To group emails of all the Outlook folders, click the All folders button.
microsoft outlook support
2. Your emails will now be arranged in the conversation form. You can now find you’re your emails more quickly and easily.  You can also clean up the repeated conversations or conversations that contain the same information in your folder(s) to speed up the process of searching desired emails.

3. To clean up the unnecessary emails, click the Home tab> click Clean Up (the drop-down arrow)> click Clean Up Conversation. On the Clean Up Conversation dialog box, click the Clean Up button.

4. The emails that were deleted during this process will remains in the Deleted Items folder. If any emails were mistakenly removed, you can restore them from Deleted Items folder unless it has been emptied.

5. If you have mistakenly emptied the Deleted Items folder, you can still recover all or some of the deleted emails unless your hard drive has overwritten the memory. To avoid important information, back up your Outlook emails or back up your entire data.

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