How to Add Email Signature in Outlook 2010

Signatures help you mark your impression on the documents or emails that you send and on the people who actually receive them. You must have seen people putting their personalized, impressive signatures with web links or company logo in the emails sent to you in Microsoft Outlook. It is a manner in which they tell you how grateful they feel communicating with you. You can also create and add your personalized signature to your outgoing emails to make your recipients feel that you are personally greeting them in Microsoft Outlook. Check the steps given below and make your emails impressive and nice with your signatures in Microsoft Outlook 2010:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2010> click the File menu> Options. On the Outlook Options window, click Mail> and then the Signatures button beside Create or modify signatures for messages.

2. In the Signatures and Stationary window, click the E-mail Signature tab> click the New button. In the New Signature dialog box, type a desired name for your signature and click OK. You will see a new signature created in the Select signature to edit box.

3. Under the Edit signature box, type the desired text like Regards, John Keith etc. You can type anything you want to make your signature impressive using different languages, font sizes, bold or italic etc. You can also add a picture or your company’s logo to your signature. Click the Picture button on the right hand side of Business Card and browse for an image.

4. When done selecting an image, click the Insert button. You can also add a hyperlink if you want to by clicking the Insert Hyperlink button beside the Picture button. When done, click OK. Click OK again to exit the Outlook Options window. You have successfully created a signature now.
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5. You can create multiple signatures to customize your email communication for different recipients. To make sure that your newly-created signature works, create a test mail and send it to yourself. When you will receive the email, it will have your signatures. If you have multiple signatures created in your Microsoft Outlook 2010, you may have to select one when sending an email.

6. To select or add an email signature, create a new email, click the Signature button and select the desired one from the drop-down menu. If you want to edit your signatures, click the Signature button and then click Signatures. It will take you back to the Signatures and Stationary window.

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