How to Protect your Outlook Email from Being Hacked

Today hacktivisim has become so common that it runs like the blood in our veins. Nearly 95% of the email accounts are either already compromised or are on the verge of being compromised. In that scenario, it becomes really important for us to keep our email accounts safe and intact. This will save us from becoming victims of online attacks (also save our personal and professional lives) that continue to grow by leaps and bounds. I am discussing some mandatory steps here that you can take to secure your Outlook email account from being compromised. Check these steps given below:

1. Create a strong alpha-numeric password for your Outlook email account. The password should at least have 8 characters. Longer is better! For a strong password, you can include combination of upper & lower case letters, symbols like #, @, * etc., and numbers. Never use your name, date or birth, or any such personal or professional information as your password.
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2. If you ever feel that your Outlook email password has been hacked, reset it immediately. Change your security question and keep something that only you know and no one else. You can also reset your Outlook email settings in case your account was hacked.

3. Back up your emails and other settings before you reset the Outlook settings.

4. Install an antivirus program if your computer doesn’t already have one. Besides, update your antivirus program regularly with the latest virus, malware definitions. Run a virus scan regularly to remove virus, malware etc. and keep spam out of your Outlook Inbox. Many antivirus program come with the email scan feature that scans incoming/outgoing emails for that matter.

5. Update your Windows or Mac (if you are using one) computer with the latest updates, patches, security definitions, and tweaks etc. for the enhanced security and functionality. You can set your Windows or Mac to download these updates automatically.

6. Never reply to an email asking for your Outlook email password. Also do not reply to any unknown sender who is looking for any personal information or email address of yours. Be wary when using public computers or unprotected wireless networks. These can capture your important details and ruin your personal and professional life in seconds.

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