How to Create a Spam Filter in Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook Express doesn’t have a built-in filter utility like Microsoft Outlook. However, the former has a great feature to add a spam or junk filter to stop the spam messages from flooding your Inbox. Moreover, you can pick up the specific words and phrases and then add them to your list to sieve out the spam messages. Check the below mentioned steps and create a filter in Microsoft Outlook Express:

1. Open Outlook Express, right-click on Local Folders> select New Folder. On the Create Folder screen, type ‘SPAM’ under the Folder name heading. Click OK. If you want, you can select the folder under which you want to put this folder in. Now you should see another folder named SPAM under the Local Folders list. Now that you have created a SPAM folder, you will need to create rules for it to work.

2. Click the Tools tab> click Message RulesMail. On the Message Rules box, click the Mail Rules tab> click the New button. On the New Mail Rule screen, you will see different sections to rule spam emails. Choose your desired settings. For example in the first section, you can select the boxes next to ‘Where the Subject line contains specific words’ and ‘Where the message body contains specific words’ or the desired options. Under the ‘Select the Actions for your rule’ section, check the desired box (like moving to a specific folder or deleting it).
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3. Under the Rule Description section, type ‘Apply this rule when the messages arrive’, type ‘where the Subject line contains specific words’ in the next line, and ‘Move it to the specified folder’ in the next line. Left click the ‘contains specific words’. On the Type Specific Words box, type specific word or phrase (for e.g. debt consolidation, MP3, Pizza, loans, Viagra etc.), and click the Add button to add it. Repeat the process until you are done with all the words or phrases and then click the OK button to return to the same window. Under the Rule Description section, left click on the specified link in ‘Move it to the specified folder’.

4. On the Move dialog box, select the specified folder (it is SPAM in our case) and click OK. This will allow the messages to be moved into that folder. Under Name of the rule section, give any name to this rule (for e.g. Spam filter) and click OK. Now you will see a new rule named Spam filter with all the descriptions under Mail Rules in the Message Rules window. Click OK. Click Apply Now and then click OK again to close the confirmation message and let your filter work.

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