How to Recover Deleted Mail Items in Microsoft Outlook

Have you accidently deleted all or some of your important emails in Outlook? Or a virus infection or computer crash made you lose your important Outlook emails? Such issues are common and unavoidable in nature. However, Microsoft Outlook gives you the choice to recover your accidently deleted items in case of a wrongdoing. Check the steps below and learn recovering your deleted Outlook emails.

1. Open Outlook 2007, click the Tools tab> Recover Deleted Items. This will open up the Recover Deleted Items From window that would show all the mails that it could recover. Now select the email(s) that you would like to recover and click the Recover Selected Items button. This will restore the selected items to their original folders where they were deleted from.

2. It is must to back up your emails, contacts, or other information on a regular basis to avoid losing critical data due to unavoidable circumstances. Remember, the items that have been deleted from the Exchange Server cannot be recovered.
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3. If you find that no items were recovered during the above mentioned recovery procedure, you might not have the Recovery Deleted Items feature enabled in your Outlook 2007. For now, items can’t be recovered but for future, you can tweak the Windows registry. Check it below.

4. Close Outlook. Click the Start button> Run, type ‘regedit’ in the Open box. Click OK. On the Registry Editor window, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> Software> Microsoft> Exchange> Client> Options.

5. In the Options folder, click the Edit tab at the top, select New, and then DWORD Value. Now type the name as ‘DumpsterAlwaysOn’ (without quotes, and as is) in the box, type ‘1’ in the DWORD Value box. Click OK to exit the window.

6. Reopen Outlook, you will see the Recover Deleted Items command for each folder in Outlook in the Tools tab. This tweak will work only for the items that you have deleted after creating this command. It is strongly recommended that you modify the registry accurately. Failing to which can result in severe problems including system crash.

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