How to Fix Unknown Error 0x80070057 in Outlook 2010

The Unknown Error 0x80070057 occurs when your email profile on Microsoft Exchange Server has been set up incorrectly using the Auto Account Setup Wizard in Outlook 2010 or the hotfix package for Outlook 2010 is not installed. When the error appears, you won’t be able toyou’re your Outlook 2010 properly. Follow the steps given below and fix this Microsoft Outlook problem:
microsoft outlook error
1. First ensure that you have installed the hotfix package for Outlook 2010 and then create your user profile manually.

2. To install the hotfix package and other updates, click the Start button> All ProgramsWindows Update (in Win XP). If you are using Windows 7, type ‘windows update’ in the Start Search bar and hit Enter. Open Windows Update and start downloading the latest updates for your Outlook 2010.

3. You can select and download the relevant updates (related to Outlook 2010) if there are many in search results. When done, exit all the windows and restart your PC. When done, open Outlook and check back if the problem has resolved or not.

4. If you can’t find the hotfix package to download in Windows updates, click here Click the I Accept button to accept the license terms & conditions. Follow rest of the on-screen prompts to install the package. When done, reopen Outlook and try to use it. If the problem persists, skip to next steps to manually create a new Outlook profile.

5. Click StartControl PanelMailShow Profiles. It will show you all the current profiles added to Outlook. Now click the Add button. Enter your new profile name such as John Miller and email address in the relevant boxes.

6. Check the box beside ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’. Click Next.
online technical support
7. Select Microsoft Exchange under the Choose E-mail Service window and click Next. Type the name of your exchange server in the Microsoft Exchange Settings window (make sure that your username is correct) and click Next. Click Finish. Click OK to close the Mail dialog box. Reopen Outlook.


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