How to Create a Mailing List in Outlook 2007

You may desire to circulate a single email message to different recipients simultaneously. However, doing so is quite cumbersome as you will have to type each recipient’s email address to send that single message. Don’t worry! This can be done easily by creating a distribution list that saves you from manually entering all the email addresses every time you create an email. Check the steps given below and create your mailing list in Outlook 2007.

1. Open Outlook> click the File tab> select NewDistribution List. This will open up the Untitled Distribution List window.

2. Type a name for your distribution list in the Name field. That’s it! You have successfully created your mailing list. You can either click the Save & Close button to exit the list or right away start adding the contacts to it.
microsoft outlook support
3. To add contacts, click the Add New button and start filling the details. Or click the Select Members button to add contacts from the Outlook Address Book.

4. Click the Save & Close button when done. The distribution list is ready, you can use it now.

5. Create an email message by clicking FileNewMail Message. Alternatively, you can click the New button to bring up the new message window.

6. Click the Address Book button, click the drop down menu under the Address Book heading. Click Contacts and it will bring up the list that you created. Double-click the name of your list and then click OK. Your desired email addresses will be populated in the To field. Now type the desired message, attach any photo etc., and click Send. Your email message will get through all the desired recipients.


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