How to Fix Sync Issues between MES Mailbox and .OST File in Outlook 2007

Sync issues can occur when you try to synchronize your Microsoft Exchange Server (MES) mailbox with an offline folder (.ost) file in your Outlook 2007. Incorrect profile settings or corrupt MES support files are likely the reasons for sync issues to occur. Check the steps below and fix sync issues between your MES mailbox and .ost files in Outlook:

1. You will first need to make sure whether the .OST file is being synchronized or not.  Right-click a folder in Outlook and click Properties. Click Synchronization, the tab and check for Last Synchronized on: dateServer folder contains: items; and Offline folder contains: items.

2. If the Synchronization feature is working fine, you will find that the number of synchronized items is same in both the fields viz. Server folder contains and Offline folder contains.

3. If the numbers are different in both the fields (and even the date is not of today), Synchronization is not working. You must verify and/or modify the profile settings as mentioned below. Click ToolsAccount Settings in Outlook 2007.
Microsoft outlook support
4. Click Data Files (tab) and ensure that your Mailbox-account name is set as the default account. Now click the E-mail tab, click your Mailbox-account name, and click Settings.

5. Click Advanced and select the option beside Use Cached Exchange Mode if it’s not already selected. Click the OK button.

6. Click Close to exit the Account Settings window. Close and reopen Outlook.

7. Now click the folder that you want to sync and point to ToolsSend/ReceiveSend/Receive All. The folder should synchronize fine.

8. If the folder still doesn’t sync, there is a possibility that Exchange Server support files have been damaged. You must rename and replace the damaged files to restore the synchronization.

9. Click StartProgramsWindows Explorer and look for the Emsmdb32.dll file. Rename this file by right-clicking it and selecting Rename.

10. To reinstall the damaged files, click StartControl PanelAdd or Remove Programs. Select Microsoft Office and click Change/Repair. When prompted, click the Reinstall or Repair button and then select Reinstall Office.

11. Follow rest of on-screen prompts and finish the installation. When prompted, restart your PC. Open Outlook and try to sync again. It should work fine now.

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