Outlook 2007 Freezes after Clicking on an Email Protected by IRM

With the reading pane enabled, when you try to click-open an email in your Microsoft Outlook 2007, it stops responding. If it was an important email, you might have been fuming over the issue by now. It happens when you try to open an email that has Information Rights Management (IRM) restrictions. IRM in Microsoft Office is a utility that controls the usage and accessibility of information floated in certain emails or documents etc. However, you can deal with this problem easily. Check the below mentioned steps and fix this Outlook 2007 problem:

1. Close Microsoft Outlook if it is opened.

2. Click the Start button> Run. Type ‘regedit’ in the Open box and click OK. Make sure that you are logged on with administrative rights to your Windows PC; otherwise you won’t be able to modify the Windows registry.

3. If you are using Windows 7, type this command in the Start Search menu. Right-click Regedit.exe and click Run as administrator. If prompted, enter the admin password and proceed.
Microsoft outlook support
4. In the Registry Editor window, first back up your registry to restore it later if you wrongly modify it. Wrong modifications to Windows registry can lead to full or partial system crash. When done with the registry backup, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice12.0OutlookOptions.

5. Now right-click anywhere in blank white space in the right hand pane and select NewDWORD Value. You will now see a new registry value appearing in the right hand pane. Type DisableDrmErrorCachingWithOM as its name (in the highlighted box) and then hit Enter.

6. Make sure that you name this key as is. Now right-click DisableDrmErrorCachingWithOM and select Modify. Type ‘1’ (the number) in the box beside Value data and click OK. Close Registry Editor. If prompted, restart your PC.

7. Now launch Microsoft Outlook 2007 and open the desired mail. It should open up fine without freezing Microsoft Outlook or showing any error message.

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