How to Fix Microsoft Outlook 2007 Crash Problem after Upgrade

Often after you upgrade to Microsoft Outlook 2007 from Microsoft Outlook 2003, you may experience that it crashes when you launch it to start sending or receiving emails etc. The problem occurs due to certain registry entries that prevent Microsoft Outlook 2007 from functioning properly after upgrade. We have a solution for this Microsoft Outlook problem. Check the steps below to fix it –

1. Close Microsoft Outlook 2007 if it is opened. Connect to the Internet and open your web browser. Visit the Microsoft Download Center website and download the MicrosoftFixit50134.msi tool, a free automated tool to fix the Outlook 2007 crash problem after upgrade. When prompted, save the file on your desktop or to any other folder of your choice.

2. Exit the browser window and locate the recently saved file. Open it and click Run to begin fixing the problem. Make sure that you are logged on as an administrator to your computer. Otherwise, you may experience problems running the tool. You must type your admin password when prompted when running the tool.
Fix Microsoft Outlook 2007 Crash Problem after Upgrade
3. Follow the on-screen instructions. When done fixing the problem, exit the wizard and restart Microsoft Outlook 2007. It should open up fine. If the problem persists, try this method. Click StartRun. Type ‘regedit’ (without quotes) in the Open field and click OK. If you are using Windows 7, type this command in the Start Search field. You may need to provide your admin password to continue with Registry Editor.

4. In the Registry Editor window, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice11.0OutlookOptionsGeneral. You will see Security Zone in the right hand panel of the window. Right-click Security Zone and select Delete. If prompted, click the Yes button to confirm the deletion. Look for these registry entries also: PONT_STRINGBodyEditor, and WarnDelete and delete them in the same manner.

5. When done, exit Registry Editor. If prompted, restart your computer. When done, open Microsoft Outlook 2007. It should now open up fine. Create a test email and send it to yourself to make sure that Outlook is working fine.
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***Back up your registry or create a system restore point before you infiltrate with the Windows Registry. It will help you undo any wrong changes that you made to it.

If you face any problems on Microsoft Outlook setup, call us at +1-866-541-1792 and get an expert to help you.


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