How to Send SMS in Microsoft Outlook 2007

You use Microsoft Outlook 2007 for sending/receiving emails, reading RSS feeds, setting up reminders or out of office responders etc. There is one more thing that you can use your Microsoft Outlook 2007 for and that is ‘SMS’. Yes, you can now send SMSs via Outlook 2007, which integrates Outlook Mobile Service, a free built-in utility designed to let you send and receive SMSs whether you are mobile or immobile. Follow the steps given below if you want to set up Microsoft Outlook 2007 for SMSs:
Send SMS in Microsoft Outlook 2007
1.    The Outlook Mobile Service does not require installing additional hardware or software. This built-in service works only if your mobile service carrier supports it. If your service provider does not support the platform, you will have to register with some other company that supports SMS communication between your phone and the Outlook.

2.    Once you have registered with a mobile carrier and have created an account, you can immediately start communicating via SMSs to your recipients. Besides, you can create and manage calendars, distribution lists, multimedia messages, reminders, and mobile address book etc.

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3.    You can also download and install a Microsoft Outlook Add-in to your Outlook program. The add-in works with almost all the GSM mobile phones that can connect to your PC using Outlook 2007 for email communication. There are a few drawbacks of this add-in. These include that it will not let you retrieve messages through your mobile phone that is using Outlook, it is not compatible with non-PDU standard GSM phones, and it has poor transmission quality etc.

4.  Alternatively, you can download a software like SMSOfficer, SMSIntegra OMS Service, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, or IntelliSoftware etc. that allows a two way (send/receive) communication for SMSs. These programs are paid and may come with a trial period offer. You can find more such software online.

5.    Once you have downloaded and installed any such software or registered with your mobile phone company, simply open Outlook and configure it to add the mobile phone number and other details. Thereafter, navigate to the New tab and then Text Message or Multimedia Message accordingly and create a message.

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6.    Fill in the recipient address in the To field, preview the message if you want and then click the Send button. If you chose to send the message to your mobile number, it will show up right into your phone’s Inbox. This was only a test message and doesn’t have to be done again. From now onwards, you will automatically start sending from and receiving emails to your mobile phone’s Inbox after logging in.


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