Contacting the Server for Information Error in Microsoft Outlook 2010

You may receive ‘Contacting the server for information’ error message when you try to open an email embedded with HTMLs. Heavy HTML emails can sometimes create problems and cause Microsoft Outlook to hang or slow down. So if you face any such error message with HTML emails, here is a workaround for you. See the steps given below and fix this Microsoft Outlook problem:

1.    Disable your antivirus or firewall temporarily.

2.    Exit Outlook and Locate and rename the Outlook.cmd file. Before you rename the file, create its backup copy first. It will save you from losing your Outlook data.  You can restore the backup copy if something goes wrong. Follow the below given steps to locate and rename the file:

              a.    Depending on your Windows version, the Outlook.cmd file might be located in C:\ driveUsersUsernameAppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlook

             b.    Right-click the Outlook.cmd file and select Rename. Change the file’s name to Outlook.cmd.old (you can name it as desired). Exit all the windows.

  Reopen Outlook and wait while all your emails are being downloaded. It may take some time depending on the size of your mailbox.

4.If the problem persists, download the latest Windows updates. Click the Start button> All ProgramsWindows Update. You must be an administrator to download and install Windows updates.
microsoft outlook support
5.If you continue to face problems, restore your computer to an earlier date. Click the Start button> All ProgramsAccessoriesSystem Restore. Choose a previous date when Outlook was working fine and restore the settings.

Do not forget to turn you firewall or antivirus back on.


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