How to Back Up Emails in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Data backup is really important in today’s life where users knowingly or unknowingly deal with virus/malware infections, sudden hard drive failures, hardware/software issues, accidental damages, and other Windows problems among other things. Losing important, critical data can be a real nightmare to them owing to these unavoidable reasons that have a place in their lives.

Like other things, Microsoft Outlook is one of the important aspects of a computer due to holding the entire email communication data viz. emails, contacts, attachments, calendar entries, conversation history, RSS feeds etc.

If you use Microsoft Outlook, you already know how important your data is and that it can be lost due to Microsoft Outlook problems, accidental damages or above mentioned reasons. You cannot afford to lose even a single email or contact if it’s important due to personal or professional reasons.

backup email in outlook mail

That said, I am describing a few tips here to help you successfully backup your Outlook 2010 data.

1. Open Outlook, click the File menu> click Open> and then click Import. On the Import and Export Wizard window, click Export to a file and then click Next. Under the Create a file of type heading, click Outlook Data File (.pst) and then click Next. Click to choose the folder whose data you want to export for backup in the next window and also put a checkmark in the box next to Include Subfolders.

2. Since you are backing up the email data, you can choose to click the Inbox folder or Sent ItemsDrafts etc. as well (if you want). If you want to back up the entire Outlook data, then click to select your mailbox (for e.g. and also check the Include Subfolders box. When done, click Next. Get here how to setup Hotmail account in Outlook 2010.

3. In the next window under the Save exported file as, you will see the location of your exported file. If you want, you can click the Browse button to save the exported file to a desired location. Choose any of the three options viz. Replace duplicates with items exportedAllow duplicates to be created, and Do not export duplicate items and then click Finish to close the window and complete the backup procedure.

4. You can let the default option Replace duplicates with items exported remain selected. Your emails have been successfully backed up now. If you want, you can password-protect your backup file in order to protect it from unauthorized access.
Microsoft outlook support
5. If you are using Outlook with Microsoft Exchange or other server, then your emails must have a periodic backup on server set up by your network administrator. If you use Outlook without any exchange server, then all your data is stored in .pst files.


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