How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80042109

Besides being a widely used email client, Microsoft Outlook is also home to troubles that may occur or recur any time of the day or night due to miscellaneous reasons viz. temp server glitch, incorrect Outlook settings, or invalid user name or password etc. Microsoft Outlook error 0x80042109 is one of the common Microsoft Outlook problems that surfaces when you try to send a message. The error doesn’t affect the incoming mail messages, it’s only prevents you from sending them. A temporary connection glitch, corrupt Outlook registry entries, or firewall/anti-virus are among a few reasons that can cause this error. If you are dealing with this error message, have a glance at the instructions below and fix it.

1. As I have observed, the error mostly occurs due to a temporary glitch in your ISP’s network or because you are not connected to the Internet. If there is a temporary Internet connection glitch, wait for sometime like I do to get it the by itself. You can also contact your ISP also to know about when the problem is going to be fixed so that you can have your Outlook up and running. Also make sure that you are connected to the Internet. Sometimes you are automatically kicked out of the Internet due to a temporary glitch. If you have something an important email to be sent and also find that there is no problem in your ISP’s network, skip to next steps to immediately fix the error.

2. There are chances that your Outlook’s has corrupt files that are causing it to experience this error message. You can run the Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) to repair the damaged files. Find here how to repair PST files using Inbox Repair Tool.

3. Verify your Outlook settings and make the necessary changes if found incorrect or corrupt. Open Outlook> click Tools> select Account Settings. In the Account Settings window, click the More Settings button. Verify all the settings and make necessary amendments if required. When done, save the changes and close all the windows including Outlook. Restart Outlook and send a test mail to yourself. The mail should go through fine.

4. If the above method does not work, create a new email profile in Outlook. Before you set up a new profile, save all your Outlook settings and delete the old one. When done creating the profile, import all your settings back into Outlook.

5. Clean the Windows Registry if none of the above mentioned method works. Since registry modification is a sensitive procedure, wrong modifications can lead to full or partial system crash. So download Ccleaner, a free registry tool and run it on your computer. Make sure Outlook is closed while the tool scans for the problems and fix them.
Microsoft outlook support

The email profiles like Hotmail configured with the MSN server often experience such error messages as it does not allow outgoing emails via another SMTP server when you are connected to their server. To get rid of this problem, create a new Hotmail account in Microsoft Outlook.


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