How to import PST file into Outlook 2007

The Microsoft Outlook 2007 program is involved with Microsoft Office as a way to recover and deliver e-mails on your computer. You save the emails you send in a PST file, which is generally supported up to prevent dropping information.

You will need to recover old e-mails if you have a new hard drive or new computer. Microsoft Outlook 2007 has an import wizard to recover e-mail from another PST file. So we are sharing here Microsoft Outlook troubleshooting tips for how easily can you import PST file into Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Find list of steps below –

Step 1: Start your Microsoft Outlook 2007 application. In the main selection at the top of screen, click on File menu and choose Import and Export from the list of options. It will launch Import and Export Wizard.

Step 2: Click Next to move to next window. Select the PST file format option and click Next to select your PST file, and click Next.

Step 3: Now wait for the information (data file) to be brought in into your Outlook application (depending on the size and the speed of your laptop or computer, this may take 15 to 30 minutes).

Step 4: Now validate that a directory appears to be in your Information file List.

Now re-launch your Outlook to ensure that it has successfully imported PST file or not.
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