How to disable Outlook script blocking

Scripting in Outlook is typically disabled, because it allows senders to run JavaScript or Visible Basic Scripting data files on your PC. This causes a security risk on the PC, so scripting is incapable/disable by standard when you set up Outlook. Disabling script blocks in Outlook lets a user send you scripts and run them in Outlook. Outlook uses the security settings set in IE. Find here simple tips to improve outlook 2010 performance.

Outlook script blocking

To fix this most irritating Microsoft Outlook problem, follow the list of easy step given below –

Step 1: Simply select the Windows Start button and then click All Programs. Click Internet Explorer‘ to open the browser. After it reveals, select the Tools menu item and then click Internet Options. This reveals a configuration window.

Step 2: Simply select the Security tab. In this screen, click Custom Level to start a new screen. Search down to the area marked Scripting.

Step 3: Click Enable for each scripting component you want to allow to run in the Outlook client. Click OK to save your settings.

Step 4: Click OK again in the main settings window to save your configurations. You must reboot Outlook for the new configurations to take impact. When using Microsoft Outlook, you may come across a number of different error messages like server error 421; it means that the Internet Email Service has reached the most of incoming connection it can take at once.
Microsoft outlook support
I hope it will be helpful.

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