How to delete error message from Outlook

When using the Microsoft Outlook, you may come across a couple of different error messages. One error message Server Error: 421 ,it means that the Internet Mail Service has reached the maximum number of inbound connections it can accept at once. Find here how to fix Outlook express error 421.

error message from Outlook

To eliminate this error message, you need to enhance the most of incoming connections accepted until the message stops showing. The second error message which may appear as Error 0X800ccc90 or Error 0x800ccc18 happens when Microsoft Outlook has problems authenticating your password code. This error message is eliminated by opening the Log on using and selecting the Clear Text option. Also find here how to reset Microsoft Outlook to factory setting.

Find below Microsoft Outlook help guide to fix these error messages –

Step 1: Begin the Exchange Server Administrator program. Click Start -> Programs and choose Microsoft Exchange.

Step 2: Navigate and click Connections in the left pane of the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator.

Step 3: Find Internet Mail Service in the right pane and double-click on it.

Step 4: Select the Connections tab and select Advanced option.

Step 5: Set the variety under Max No. of Incoming Connections greater until the mistake is settled.
Microsoft outlook support
Delete Errors 0x800ccc90, 0x800ccc18

  •       Open Microsoft Outlook and simply click Tools option and Choose Accounts.
  •       Click Servers then click Clear Text.
  •       I hope it will be helpful.

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