Why Outlook 2010 asking for password again and again

There have been a lot of questions recently regarding Microsoft Outlook 2010 prompting for a username and password using Exchange 2007 even though users had the ‘Remember my password’ checked. Also check and fix here why Outlook 2010 exchange is disconnecting.

outlook login password

I am sharing a few methods how you can easily fix this Outlook problem.

First Method:

Step 1: Go to Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Manage Your Credentials -> Look under Generic Credentials.

Step 2: Edit the Microsoft Outlook usename@domain.com and change the password.

Now Launch your Outlook and check that this  
Microsoft Outlook problem has been resolved. Also find here some additional tips on how to recall an email sent in Microsoft Outlook.

Alternate Method:

Step 1: First close Microsoft Outlook and go to Start -> Control Panel ->Mail.

Step 2: Click Show Profiles and click Add.. to add new profile and make sure the new profile was selected as the Always use this profile when start outlook. Click Always use this profile to ensure that.

Step 3: Now login to Office 365 and click ‘Downloads, and run the Office Desktop Apps.

Step 4: Now open Outlook 2010 and add a new account.
microsoft outlook support
I assure you that next time your Outlook 2010 wouldn’t ask for password again and again.


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