Outlook 2010: How to Set up Auto-Reply to Emails

In Microsoft Outlook 2010 you can automatically deal with the incoming emails by sending an automatic reply as a way to contact with their senders whenever you are off or not able to access your account.You can also block a sender in Microsoft Outlook 2010 to stop receiving emails.

This feature is also useful if you change your email address and someone sends a message to your old address, an auto reply with your new address can be easily sent.

You can easily create and customize an auto reply in Outlook 2010. Find this Outlook help guide to easily set up Auto Reply with these easy steps given below –

Step 1: Click File -> Info and select ‘Automatic Replies’ from the options.

Step 2: Select the ‘Send Automatic Replies’ option to automatically respond to emails. If you want to schedule date and time for the auto reply, click ‘Only Send During This Time Range’ and enter the desired date and time.

setup auto reply to email

Step 3: Now click ‘Inside My Organization’ tab and type your reply that you want your email senders to receive when you are out. You can also use formatting tools to customize your message.

Step 4: You can also click ‘Outside My Organization’ tab and check ‘Auto-Reply to People Outside My Organization’. Now type the message that you want your email senders to receive.

Step 5: Now select any option ‘My Contacts Only’ or ‘Anyone Outside My Organization’ to whichever email addresses you want to send the auto reply to.

Step 6: Click OK to save your setting.

Now when someone will send you an email, an auto reply mail will be automatically sent to the sender’s email address.
Microsoft outlook support
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